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by Jasmin Eigemann,  2014/11/28

+++ Parktheater Kempten supports humedica: together against Ebola +++ piles of packages for “Geschenk mit Herz” in the humedica storage +++ cash injection for the Ebola help +++

Parktheater Kempten supports humedica: together against Ebola

Going out, celebrating and collecting donations for humanitarian help. The Parktheater in Kempten has repeatedly succeeded in realizing these things, which at first side are mutually exclusive.

Entry fees and private donations of the club’s guests worth 5,500 Euros were collected. This sum is the result of de recurrent fund-raiser campaign “Saturday nAIDlife”: In the previous year already following this campaign, the Parktheater had donated the same sum to the Kinderhospiz St. Nikolaus.

This year, the Parktheater KG supports the worldwide commitment of humedica. “It is our desire to support local organizations”, explains managing director Johannes Palmer when handing the check over in his club. “humedica is well-known in Allgäu. The current commitment of humedica in the Ebola regions in West Africa has convinced us to give the donations to humedica this year, after the great success last year.”

In the context of a handover, Johannes Palmer could transfer the donation to humedica. “It is great to receive such generous donations from the region Allgäu”, humedica managing director, Wolfgang Groß says happily. “Our special thanks are for Mr. Palmer and his team, who have planned and realized this fund raiser. But I also want to thank the guests for every single donation.”

The money is urgently needed. At the end of September and as the start of their help projects in Liberia, humedica had sent a plane with 45 tons of aid supplies into the Ebola region in West Africa. The emphasis of the help lies on informational and educational measures for the population, as well as hygienic trainings in the hospitals and the supply with hygienic articles. A second container with aid supplies has been sent by ship some weeks ago, a third shipment is being transported by the German Bundeswehr to Liberia.

Piles of packages for “Geschenk mit Herz” in the humedica storage

This year’s big humedica Christmas parcel campaign “Geschenk mit Herz” is currently at full tilt. Nearly all parcels have been collected and brought to the humedica storage, in order to be sorted. Some of them are also on their way to the children in Eastern Europe. The first truck has already arrived in Ukraine and the responsible persons there are very happy about the lovingly prepared parcels, which are soon going to be distributed.

It is time to pause and to have a look on all the great supporters and the creative ideas of the collecting points and those who packed the parcels. That is what makes this Christmas parcel campaign so unique.

Like in every year, many kindergartens and schools have participated this year. The children either brought parcels they had packed at home or, in parcel events, they collected, tinkered and packed together.

For example at the Franconian International School in Erlangen, which over the last years has developed its own concept to prepare as many “Geschenke mit Herz” as possible. A local sports shop gives them shoeboxes for all children, which voluntary parents decorate with Christmas wrapping paper. In a big packing event all pupils pack the presents together at different tables. Thus, the great number of 540 parcels was packed this year.

Also Daniela Bayer, coordinator of the kindergartens in the town Seeshaupt, looks forward to the parcels campaign every year. “My big wish was: Every year one parcel more. This time, there were 27 parcels more than the year before! It ought to continue like this in 2015!” This year, the people from Seeshaupt have packed a great 216 “Geschenke mit Herz”.

On behalf of the children, humedica already thanks all who have helped and donated!

Those who couldn’t pack a parcel themselves this year, still have the possibility of supporting this campaign with a donation. Our helpers will be happy to pack your personal “Geschenk mit Herz” for you.

Cash injection for the Ebola help

Despite the one or other defeat the sponsors and board members of the Eishockey Sportverein Kaufbeuren don’t lose their grip on slippery ground and keep global problems in view. Thanks to multifaceted commitment the substantial amount of 16,500 Euro could be collected and handed over to humedica for their fight against Ebola.

In order to get an exact idea on humedica as an organization and the current Ebola project in Liberia, all involved persons have visited the humedica headquarters in Neugablonz, a district of Kaufbeuren.

In addition to managing director Wolfgang Groß, who reported about the start and the current situation of the organization, humedica staff member Raphael Marcus was also present.

The head of the department for emergency and catastrophe help has returned from Liberia only a few weeks ago, where he had visualized the situation in the country together with the voluntary doctor, Sabine Kirchner. In a comprehensive report he told the interested visitors about his experiences and explained how humedica is able to provide practical help thanks to donations, like the one from the ESVK.

Once again, humedica thanks all fans and sponsors of the Eishockey Sportverein Kaufbeuren and is looking forward to further common projects.

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