humedica headlines June 2014 – part 2

by Lina Koch, Martina Zelt,  2014/06/30

+++ Kenia: sustainable end of project +++ humedica intensifies aid for Ukraine +++ generous donation - potato soup for North Korea +++

Kenia: sustainable end of project

It was in times of greatest need, when humedica started its work in the Tana Delta region, in the south-east of Kenia: In summer 2011, when the population of the complete Horn of Africa suffered of a serious famine catastrophe, humedica and the local partner New Life Home Trust initiated comprehensive humanitarian help measures. Today, three years later, the project activities in Kenia could be brought to a successful close.

The implemented help comprised two daily meals for the children in the Tana Delta region as well as the organization of nineteen learning centers and the installation of water cisterns and latrines. To complete the program, there were various trainings in the sectors education and hygiene.

And the results of these efforts have only been positive: The provision of drinking water and the regular meals have improved the previous critical state of health of the people significantly, in the meanwhile well-established learning centers the children get the important education and the water cisterns make the vital agriculture easier for the local population.

That these milestones could be reached is not last due to the supported people themselves. They have provided the ground for the learning centers, have collected wood for the preparation of the food and have organized voluntary cooks.

As our help for the people to help themselves has been successful, the population of the Tana Delta region is no longer dependent on external support. humedica thanks very much for the positive collaboration and wishes all the best.

humedica intensifies aid for Ukraine

The suffering in Ukraine is enormous; the current disturbances have hit the country hard, as it had already been in a precarious economic situation. The need of aid supplies is bigger today than ever before. For more than 14 years, humedica has sent supply assistance to our long-time partner Children’s Mission Ukraine. Recently, 5.7 tons of medical aid supplies could be distributed.

“Many hospitals have been relieved and very gratefully accepted the medical aid supplies, the recent supply is really necessary”, reports Lyudmila Lonyuk, head of Children’s Mission Ukraine. In this region with a weak infrastructure, the dressing materials, patient’s beds, mattresses and sterile bedclothes help to improve the critical medical supply situation.

Thanks to the aid supply deliveries, needy families are also helped directly with food, clothes, shoes and furniture, and thus neglected children are being backed. The arrival of many people from the Krim is an additional burden for the supply situation of the city Lutsk. The managing director of our partner organization Scandinavian Chidren’s Mission, Busse Wallenberg from Sweden, has confirmed the great demand in the context of a visit to the Ukraine some days ago.

Also humedica managing director, Wolfgang Groß is concerned about the situation in the Ukraine: “For many years already, we have been concerned about supporting the Ukraine in their difficult supply situation. Especially now, we are going to do everything we can to help the people in the Ukraine.” This attitude has been intensified by a personal visit in Kiew, a few weeks ago.

humedica kindly asks the German population for directed support. Donations in kind as well as money are urgently needed.

Generous donation - potato soup for North Korea

Enormous poverty in North Korea: For different reasons, the supply of the country is not at all assured. This year’s springtime has been the driest for the last three decades, the harvest will be even worse than in the years before.

This is a big threat for the people in this country already marked by existential poverty. Already now, many North Koreans are underfed. Food is not available comprehensively, the prices are immensely high, and especially in the cities the people go hungry.

Thanks to a generous donation of the company Gefro from Memmingen, humedica is going to send ten palettes of potato soup to North Korea, a filling meal for more than 440,000 people. The freight is going to be sent off these days and is already awaited in the country of destination. humedica thanks the company Gefro for its generous donation!

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