humedica headlines January 2014

by Lina Koch, Martina Zelt,  2014/01/30

+++ Precious sleeping berths +++ Help from Buchloe again +++ Charity concert for the Philippines in Gestratz +++ Branding agency from Kempten supports humedica +++

Precious sleeping berths

After a catastrophe like super-typhoon “Haiyan”, for many concerned people a roof over their heads and a dry sleeping berth are a rarity. To counter these problems and to provide a dry overnight accommodation for these people, the sports shop Intersport Hofmann from Kaufbeuren donated 50 high-quality tents to humedica.

“We are aware of the circumstances in the catastrophe regions and are glad to be able to support a local organization in the scope of our possibilities”, says Harald Hofmann, general manager of Intersport Hofmann.

The tents could immediately be sent to the Philippines and distributed to people who had become homeless by the catastrophe.

humedica staff member Maren Walter, who has just come back from the disaster region, knows that this donation is of great value at the moment: “During the last weeks it still rained very much on the Philippines. A dry sleeping place is extremely important, especially concerning the health aspect.”

humedica thanks all responsible persons of Intersport Hofmann very much for this reasonable donation.

Charity concert for the Philippines in Gestratz

It was a very traditional charity concert Weihnachtliches Singen und Musizieren (singing and playing music on Christmas time), which the small village Gestratz in Allgäu had organized with much verve and commitment. Many folk musicians contributed to the charity concert on December 21st, 2013. They created a convivial pre-Christmas event with yodling, dance and folk music.

About 300 visitors – that is roughly a quarter of all inhabitants – met there and donated 2,500 €, a great sum which the mayor Johannes Buhmann himself raised to 3,000 €.

With the total proceeds the village wants to help needy people from near and far. Thus, half of the money was given to the humedica representative Wolfgang Schüller for the disaster operation on the Philippines. The other half is destined for terminally ill children of the children’s hospice in Bad Grönenbach.

humedica thanks the village Gebratz wholeheartedly for their commitment and their loving concern for needy people in the local surroundings and for needy people on the Philippines.

Help from Buchloe again

It is not only the work of the many volunteers which links the association humedica with the Weltladen Buchloe. Exactly like the Bavarian help organization, the Weltladen, too, is repeatedly committed to people in need. Also after the disastrous typhoon “Haiyan” on the Philippines, a fund-raising campaign has immediately been initiated.

“For us it is self-evident to help people hit by catastrophes with the means we dispose of”, says Weltladen staff member Angelika Hanneder.

They positioned the so-called donations chair in front of the shop and their customers as well as other pedestrians were thus asked for a small donation for the victims of the typhoon. Exactly 3,362 € could be collected for the people on the Philippines.

Since November, voluntary humedica medical teams have been in Tacloban, which had been hit hard by the typhoon, in order to care for the injured persons.

“Even more than 2 months after the storm, the situation is still critical. The people still depend on help from outside”, explains Steffa Waffenschmidt, the humedica person in charge. “It will last long to restore the situation as it was before the typhoon.”

On behalf of the beneficiaries of the donation, humedica thanks the Weltladen Buchloe for its commitment.

Branding agency from Kempten supports humedica

The branding agency sons from Kempten knows that help to people in need is necessary even if the media no longer report about the catastrophe in all their headlines. So, on January 7th, humedica spokesman Steffen Richter received a donation of 2,500 € for the people on the Philippines.

Two months ago, typhoon “Hayan” had hit the Philippines with full force and had killed thousands of people and had made millions of people homeless. Most of the time, those who survived lost everything.

Tobi Stricker, managing director of the branding agency says: “It is clear to us that it will take a long time until the people will be able to live somewhat normally and also that there is still much help needed.”

sons has supported the humedica work for several years now, not only by helping with communication tasks but also financially. On behalf of the needy people on-site, humedica thanks them for their confidence and their longtime support.

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