humedica headlines February 2014

by Lina Koch, Martina Zelt,  2014/02/27

+++ Help from Füssen again +++ Let there be light +++ Social media campaign for humedica +++ Dancing for a good cause +++

Help from Füssen again

“Hot lemon” always does some good on cold days – especially if it the purchase of this winter beverage helps a good cause, as it happened to be in the St. Mang pharmacy in Füssen. There, the customers could enjoy a glass of “hot lemon” for 1 Euro each and at the end of this campaign 500 Euros had been washed into the donation box.

Pharmacist Heike Immler and humedica staff member Friederike May are happy about the successful fundraiser. Photo: humedica

The money is destined for the Philippines, where the big typoon “Haiyan” has caused immense destruction, already in November and where intensive help measures are still needed. The responsible pharmacist Heike Immler knows, that this support is still necessary:

“Unfortunately, the events on the Philippines have already disappeared from the news. But, of course, the people there are still dependent on help. I am sure that humedica realizes this help correctly.”

humedica still supports the city Tacloban, which had been hit by the catastrophe, with medical staff and aid supplies.

At the same time, families who have been struck especially hard are being supported on their hard way back to normality by the humedica sponsorship program.

humedica thanks the St. Martin pharmacy very much for their reiterated help.

Let there be light

In a refugee camp, many things lack and it is difficult to realize a comprehensive supply of basic things like electricity, water and food. Tobias Zwirner, managing director of the company Phaesun knows about these facts and so he offered ten solar lamps to humedica, a total of about 600 Euros worth.

These lamps, which are operated by solar energy, will be used for the humedica project work in two refugee camps in Uganda and Ethiopia.

“I know that our local coordinators in the camps will be very happy about this new support. Working days in the camps are long and a bright source of light is of great help for their work after sunset”, explains humedica person in charge Susanne Merkel, who happily received the donation together with her colleague and daughter Naomi Vicente.

The solar lights of the company Phaesun have been conceived for harder requirements and a longer life expectancy and thus, they fit exactly the difficult demands in a refugee camp. humedica formally thanks the responsible persons of the company Phaesun who have made this donation possible. Thank you very much!

Social media campaign for humedica

Within less than three days, five committed high-school graduates from Kaufbeuren have organized the so-called Social helping game – the counter-action to a popular game on the social network Facebook.

Instead of drinking half a liter of beer in front of a camera and to put this online, the inventors of the Social helping game designated people for a donation and filmed them when they put the money into the donation box.

After an assiduous campaign on Facebook and in the local media, many people who supported this fundraiser came to the Buron Center in Kaufbeuren in order to participate.

The Mayor Stefan Bosse and the political cabaret artist Wolfgang Krebs came to this place, too, and supported the campaign with a personal donation. At the end of the day, a total of 1,135 Euros could be handed over to humedica.

humedica thanks very much for this intelligent idea, its excellent implication and the generous donation.

Dancing for a good cause

With the slogan “Dancing for a good cause”, about 19 Zumba teachers from whole Oberpfalz had met in the small Bavarian village Deining, in order to collect donations for the victims of the typhoon “Haiyan” in the context of a dancing event. The respectable sum of 1,000 Euros was given for the humedica help measures.

The initiator of this event is also a teacher of the popular fitness concept Zumba and comes from the Philippines herself. Her family, too, has been hit by the consequences of this natural catastrophe – one more reason to put a shoulder on the wheel. About one hundred participants followed the invitation to this special sports event, where they were all greeted by the Mayor Alois Scherer personally.

The two organizers, Michelle Schuster and Ana Garcia were satisfied: “We are happy to be able to help people far away who are in need and, at the same time, conveying fun for sports to the people here.”

For Steffa Waffenschmidt, the humedica person in charge, donations like this one are something special: “Again and again, I am surprised how innovative and ambitioned the organizers of such fundraisers are. On behalf of all those who will profit of this support, I want to thank all participants of the dance event in Deining very cordially.”

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