humedica headlines December 2014

part 2

by Lina Koch,  2014/12/31

+++ good luck charms in two ways: chimney sweepers from Allgäu support humedica +++ celebrating for a good cause: support for humedica from the north of Germany +++

Good luck charms in two ways: chimney sweepers from Allgäu support humedica

It is a popular belief that touching a chimney sweeper will bring you luck for the coming year. This year, the businesses of the two chimney sweepers Philipp Niendorf from Kaufbeuren and Jelle Govers from Stöttwang have not only cared for the assumed luck of their environment but they also about the condition of people in distress. The result of their efforts is a 500,--€ donation to humedica.

It had soon become clear to the initiators of this fund raising that the money should go to the humedica emergency help projects: “On the TV I have seen that humedica had been the first organization which has sent aid supplies to the Ebola regions in West Africa. I thought that was great and, thus, our decision has immediately been in favor of humedica,” explains Jelle Govers.

The two businesses deliberately haven’t decided on the purpose of the donation, so that the money can be used where it is most needed. humedica managing director Wolfgang Groß is especially glad about that: “Donations without any intended purpose, like the one of Mr. Niendorf and Govers, are very precious. Thanks to these we can realize help projects which don’t get so much publicity and therefore hardly any support.”

For this special kind of luck humedica cordially thanks the chimney sweepers Philipp Niendorf and Jelle Govers, as well as their companions Maximilian Rauh and Tina Mayer and all generous donators.

Celebrating for a good cause: support for humedica from the north of Germany

The Ankumer Oktoberfestclub e.V. has proved that celebrating and helping need not exclude one another. The receipts of the yearly Oktoberfest in the North German community Ankum support social projects and people in distress. This year, an orphanage in south-African Simbabwe, which is being supported by humedica, is amongst the lucky beneficiaries. The orphanage receives about 2,200 Euros.

The orphanage “Mt. Mellary” cares for 22 boys and girls between 5 and 17 years of age. Not long ago, humedica staff member Andrea Trautmann could get a personal insight into the orphanage and she knows that the help from the Ankumer Oktoberfestclub e.V is at the right place there: “The orphanage “Mt. Mellory” is in a bad state and they lack everything. We depend on generous donations like the one from Ankum, to enable the children to grow up in a safe environment. Thank you very much!”

During a celebration shortly before Christmas the symbolic check has been handed over to the doctor Margot Wortmann, who also lives in Ankum and who has already done some refugee help work for humedica in Lebanon and Ethiopia.

On behalf of the children in the orphanage “Mt. Mellary” humedica cordially thanks all party guests, as well as the Ankumer Oktoberfestclub e.V..

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