humedica headlines December 2014

Part 1

by Lina Koch,  2014/12/29

+++ Holger Badstuber: A compassionate star of Bayern München +++ Swabian Topstar GmbH supports humedica: “Contribution to a better world” +++ Donations instead of presents: The specialized shop ATTERER in Marktoberdorf shows its heart +++

Holger Badstuber: A compassionate star of Bayern München

You will find poverty not only on your way to Eastern Europe. Holger Badstuber, center-back with record holder FC Bayern München, is well aware of the fact that there are also people in Bavaria who are not doing well and who depend on other people’s help. And that is why, in the context of his commitment for the Münchner Tafel, he has distributed “Geschenke mit Herz” to the children of the guests of the soup kitchen.

Since 2010, humedica and its great Christmas parcel campaign “Geschenk mit Herz” has supported people in Bavaria, too, who have difficulties offering their children something special at Christmas because they don’t have enough money. In Munich alone 3,132 colored parcels have been offered.

Professional footballer Holger Badstuber made the children’s eyes beam at the distribution of the parcels and he also took the time to give autographs and personal souvenir photos. For him, his commitment for the Münchner Tafel e.V. is quite natural for him: "Even in a rich German city like Munich there are many people who must live at the edge of poverty. I am aware of this fact and also of my own, privileged position and that is why I stand up for these people!”

humedica is thankful for so much personal commitment and wishes Mr. Badstuber all the best and God’s blessing.

Swabian Topstar GmbH supports humedica: “Contribution to a better world”

In order to be able to provide sustainable help as well as fast medical emergency and catastrophe help, the international help organization humedica depends on the support of donations in kind. TOPSTAR GmbH from the Swabian Langenneufnach has proofed to be an especially precious partner, which has supported humedica since 2007 with considerable donations in kind every year. This year again, it has donated a 50,000 Euro worth of swivel chairs.

As in the last years, the chairs will be sent to long-term humedica projects and programs and will be used in most different institutions like schools, hospitals or our local offices there.

“The importance of donations in kind like chairs might sometimes become evident only at second glance. As a help organization, we can hardly pay for high quality chairs. That is why we are especially grateful for the long-terms support by TOPSTAR GmbH,” says humedica managing director Wolfgang Groß gratefully.

For Dr. Rainer Wagner, managing partner of TOPSTAR GmbH the support of a humanitarian organization like humedica is quite natural: “One of our company principles is the contribution to a better world by the conservation and consolidation of our customers’ health with our products. From this we also deduce our social commitment, which has related us to my father’s foundation “Kinderlachen” as well as to humedica for a long time already.”

On behalf of all those who benefit from this help, humedica cordially thanks TOPSTAR GmbH for this kind of charity in action and is looking forward to a future collaboration.

Donations instead of presents: The specialized shop ATTERER in Marktoberdorf shows its heart

Every year anew companies are faced with the question, what kind of presents they should give to their customers and which decision would most please them. One possibility of finding a satisfying solution to this difficult matter and, at the same time, helping people in distress is the decision to give a donation instead of a present.

This year, the company ATTERER from Marktoberdorf has followed this idea and has deliberately renounced offering Christmas presents to their customers. Instead they have made a donation of 5,000 Euro for humedica.

The money will be divided at equal parts for two projects, which need special support these days: 2,500 Euro are going to the Ebola help in Liberia, whereas the rest is supporting the current emergency help measures on the Philippines after typhoon “Hagupit”.

For the official check handover humedica managing director, Wolfgang Groß visited personally the headquarters of the company ATTERER in Allgäu and showed his enthusiasm about this fund raising idea: “In our oversaturated society I think it is a wonderful idea to renounce presents and help people who don’t have anything, instead.”

For 125 years, the specialized shops ATTERER have a large range of tools on offer, ranging from fuel to household articles. Already in the last years, it has been a generous supporter of humedica.

humedica cordially thanks all responsible persons within the company ATTERER for this innovative Christmas donation.

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