humedica headlines April 2014

by Lina Koch, Steffen Richter, Martina Zelt,  2014/04/28

Help wholeheartedly

Not only the worldwide work of the Bavarian help organization humedica is manifold, the possibilities to support this work are so, too. From personal participation in Germany and abroad to donations in kind or classic donations, all these things are possible and urgently needed.

The Katholische Arbeitnehmer-Bewegung section Kempten-Allgäu decided for the latter alternative and, in the context of a visit, handed 1,000 Euros over to the organization from Kaufbeuren.

Many guests of the headquarters in Kaufbeuren are surprised of the unexpected size and of the comprehensive worldwide commitment of humedica. So were the visitors of the Katholische Arbeitnehmer-Bewegung section Kempten-Allgäu.

“We are surprised to see how manifold the humedica help is”, confirms the section secretary Wolfgang Seidler. “Of course, humedica stands primarily for fast emergency relief. However, we hadn’t realized that the organization also provides supply assistance and supports family sponsorship programs.”

He explains that the generous donation of 1,000 Euros has been made possible by a committee resolution: “The Philippines have always been much in our focus and after the typhoon catastrophe at the end of last year, we were very impressed by the fast help provided by humedica.”

After intensive emergency relief with more than fifty field members on-site on the Philippines, humedica is now being active in the fields of reconstruction and family sponsorships.

“It can be assumed that we are going to provide sustainable help for some more time, especially with our sponsorship program”, explains humedica managing director, Wolfgang Groß. “That is why we are very grateful for the friendly support by the Katholische Arbeitnehmer-Bewegung."

5th anniversary of the humedica clinic in Niger

For five years now, the humedica clinic “Complexe de Santé Hosanna” in the undersupplied Nigerien town Kollo has been an important place to go for the people in the region. The happy anniversary has been celebrated on-site with a little feast.

Because of the poor supply situation, the hospital is the only possibility to get medical care for ten thousands of patients around Kollo. In a country with very high infant mortality, this means precious help which saves lives, especially for pregnant women, mothers and children.

The idea of this project came up subsequent to the great famine in 2005 and in 2009 the hospital could be completed, after an intensive construction phase. And still today, all responsible persons aim at improving continually the equipment and the help measures.

Because after five years, the clinic can look back positively: Many people could be saved, diseases treated, a vital vaccination campaign could be carried out during the meningitis epidemic in 2009 and precious knowledge concerning health provision could be passed on.

At the anniversary, humedica thanks all supporters cordially and wishes all the best for the staff and the patients in Niger!

humedica supports reconstruction of a primary school

In order to realize fast help in case of emergency, we need effective and trustful partners. And also after an emergency operation, mutual support may bring considerable results about. For this reason, humedica has supported the partner organization Scandivian Children’s Mission (SCM) with about 40,000 Euros for the reconstruction of a primary school on the Philippines, besides other things.

As part of the SCM Children village in Tacloban, the school had been enormously damaged by typhoon “Hayan” last November, which made it impossible to teach the boys and girls. After five months of continuous reconstruction, the primary school could be reopened these weeks.

Beside the SCM responsibles, Thord Dahl and Bo Wallenberg, the humedica coordinators Alexandra Vlantos and Viktoria Bledsoe took part in the opening ceremony. Like all the other guests, they showed their enthusiasm about the fast reconstruction.

“It is great to see, what could be reached by a few months of hard work. The new primary school is great!”, says Alexandra Vlantos joyfully. Humedica cordially thanks Scandinavian Children’s Mission for the good cooperation and wishes the pupils a good time in the new building.

Changed staffing situation at the humedica headquarters

“Only those who can accept change are capable of growth”, this statement made by the American essayist Paul Wilson is not only a general organization strategy, but it is also true for the staffing situation at the humedica headquarters. This spring, even two good changes have been made.

In the course of a structural reorganization, the PR (public relations) and FR (fundraising) services have been merged to a common section. Steffen Richter, head of the PR service so far, has now become the new section leader of the common service communication.

Another change concerns the section IPP (international projects and programs). The experienced humedica assistant Raphael Marcus has taken over the newly created job as the speaker for emergency assistance and disaster management. From now on, he is responsible for all catastrophe related projects.

The humedica team wishes Steffen Richter and Raphael Marcus joyful and successful work in their new fields of responsibility!

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