The whole world has gone football crazy

Football, a joyful compensation for children of the humedica sponsorships

by Steven Hofmann, Martina Zelt,  2014/06/13

Finally the day has come. Some have been impatient for a long time already. The Football World Cup has finally got rolling! During the 64 matches, the whole world will revolve around football alone and there will be a collective worldwide football fever. Not only in Europe and South America but just as much in Africa, football plays an important role.

Ethiopia is one of these countries, where football is not only played, but where it is also topic of conversation number one. “When the national team plays, the country is topsy-turvy,” reports humedica staff member Steven Hofmann from Ethiopia. At the same time, it is one of the few possibilities for the young people to have some joyful compensation in their often hard everyday life.

So the local humedica team has brought an idea to life, in order to increase the positive power of football. In the context of the family sponsorships, trainings and competitions are being offered, where the kids meet and live this collective verve in unusual lightheartedness. A moment of joy for these kids’ hearts, who otherwise lead a hard life.

In Ethiopia the enthusiasm for football reaches all classes of population. “When, in 2013, the Ethiopian team played in the African Championship, the atmosphere was completely crazy.

I have hardly seen such an enthusiasm and euphoria before”, says Steven Hofmann. The capital Addis Abeba changes into an ocean of flags, most streets in the center can only be taken on foot.

Steven Hofmann continues excitedly: “During the matches, you can hear the whole city murmur and cheer like one man. And when the team wins, the excitement has no limits. Then, everywhere the people have parties and dance long after the final whistle and they extend their day into the night.”

The Ethiopian team, which is called the “Capricorns”, has been nearly qualified for the World Cup, but failed shortly before the goal. But even if the “Capricorns” haven’t succeeded to reach the final round, the Ethiopians will sit in front of their TVs and radios during the World Cup and follow the matches. The Ethiopians don’t want to miss the suspense of the football craziness.

And who knows? Perhaps they will succeed at the next World Cup. If the children of the family sponsorships continue training so much, there will probably be hope for the Ethiopian football pride.

In order to support children and families in Ethiopia, many supporters are needed! Become part of this help for one of the poorest countries in the world and take over a family sponsorship! This is a security for the children and the parents to get directed help, access to education, food and medical care – in short, help that is urgently needed.

We are also grateful for a non-recurring, directed donation for the family sponsorships. Thank you very much!

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