Life with HIV

Help for concerned persons in Ethiopia

by Steven Hofmann/Martina Zelt,  2014/07/12

“HIV positive.” A diagnosis, which changes your whole life. Suddenly. The spread of the illness, however, is often slow, is transmitted i.a. from mothers to their children. The life of the whole family is massively hit and at risk. Information, precaution and the right treatment save lives. Thank you very much for your support by donations which enable our help in Ethiopia!

HIV is one of the diseases which mean deep pain for millions of people and that is why the help organization humedica has been committed in Ethiopia for directed information and education and treatments. Humedica staff member, Steven Hofmann reports today about the unceasing efforts to bring medical hope and HIV information to Ethiopian families:

“Contrary to Germany, where the infection rate is low, unfortunately in Ethiopia HIV is a very present and threatening topic. In the Ethiopian capital Addis Abeba, one inhabitant out of eleven is concerned by the life-threatening disease.”

HIV-test for families in the slum of the capital Addis Abeba

In the context of the humedica family sponsorships, we want to be by the side of people suffering from this serious disease and want to prevent it. Thus, different informational and educational events, for parents as well as for young people, have been organized and supported. The topic is too important, the information about what precautions to take against and how to deal with HIV / AIDS is too pressing and vital.

Not long ago, in our project in Kazanchis, a slum in the capital Addis Abeba, a common HIV-test was offered. There has been great acceptance by the families.

The day started with short information about the course and the use of the HIV-test as well as the recording of the participants’ personal data. Then blood tests were taken from all volunteers.

After some minutes, fine lines appeared on the diagnostic medical dipsticks. One red line showed a negative test result on HIV. What relief!

Two red lines, however, meant that the tested blood contains the virus. In this case, a second test was done to be sure.

After that, all participants had a one-to-one interview with a trained staff member, where they learned about the test result. This especially meant to help those who, this day, were confronted with her illness for the first time.

The unforeseen diagnosis for a young mother – a shock

In all, there have been six positive tests. Thus, unfortunately, it is sure that about 8 percent of the participants carry the life-threatening disease in themselves. Hereby, also an unknown infection had been detected. This was a shock for the mother of a four-year old girl.

She cried a lot and could hardly be comforted a bit. Our staff members and the medical specialists gave her advice and encouraged her. Now, she will get appropriate medicine and further advice and help.

Unfortunately, amongst the 47 participants, there has only been one man; a very disillusioning fact. We hope to be able to make the offers for an HIV-test and also the information and education programs more easily accessible to men. At the moment, it is being considered to offer another test, to which exclusively men will be invited.”

In order to continue the precious project work in the context of the family sponsorships in Ethiopia, we rely on donated funds and want to kindly ask and encourage you to give a contribution. Even small amounts of money enable our teams on-site to give much help.

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