Two more aid supplies transports to Liberia

by Steffen Richter,  2014/10/16

About two weeks after the air freight of 45 tons of aid supplies, humedica e.V. is going to get more urgently needed supplies for the fight against Ebola on the way to Liberia. This time, the 40-foot container full of medical supplies, disinfectants and protection material is being shipped. On the following days, there will be at least one other shipment. Meanwhile, on-field staff member, Dr. Sabine Kirchner, who has worked in Liberia for more than two weeks, has returned from her mission.

Besides the aid supplies transports, humedica is busy intensifying their Ebola help in Liberia. ”We are especially known for our teams of doctors”, confirms managing director, Wolfgang Groß. “After this first mission with a coordinator and a doctor, we are currently checking, to which extend further experienced humedica helpers could come into operation in Liberia.”

But for the time being, the organization’s commitment is in the context of special relief shipments. The shipment on Friday contains about 14.6 tons of goods. The shipment of another ten tons, which have already been prepared for loading, are presumably going to be shipped in the following ten days.

Dr. Sabine Kirchner has returned to Germany on Thursday afternoon, after a challenging mission. For over two weeks, the 55-year-old general practitioner from Stollberg (Sachsen) had supported the work of humedica partner Medical Teams International (MTI) and had thus worked in different hospitals in Liberia.

For their fight against Ebola, humedica continues their demand for directed donations on the following bank account:

      humedica e.V.
      keyword: "Ebola help"
      IBAN DE35 7345 0000 0000 0047 47
      Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

You will also get further, continually updated information under

The humedica help in Liberia is being supported by The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, action medeor e.V., “Ein Herz für Kinder”, Medical Teams International (MTI). We thank all institutional and private supporters very much.

Attention: possibility for interviews / documentation of the loading
We want to indicate that Dr. Sabine Kirchner, our on-field staff member who has just come back from Liberia, is available for interviews. Moreover, it is possible to film the loading of the container with aid supplies. If you are interested, please contact humedica spokesman, Steffen Richter. Thank you very much.
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