Education in the focus

by Jasmin Eigemann,  2014/09/27

According to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which has been agreed on 25 years ago, every child has rights. A right to survive, a right to personal development, a right to protection against exploitation and violence, as well as a right to participation. Unfortunately, there are still many children who grow up without any rights and without even the knowledge about their rights.

On the occasion of the German World Children’s Day last week, we want to offer insights into two selected humedica projects in Middle and South America. These are meant to strengthen the rights of children sustainably through education and offer them a future.

Haiti: The children’s future falls by the wayside

The population of the Caribbean State still suffers from the consequences of the devastating earthquake in 2010. The economy, as well as the educational sector and the health sector are still being reconstructed. The already poorest country in the western hemisphere, with an average annual income of only 600 US dollars per person, is recovering only very slowly.

Especially the children fall behind, because of lacking or bad education and difficult future prospects. Nearly half of the Haitians can neither read nor write, two thirds of the working age population is unemployed.

In cooperation with the local help organization FEH (Fondation pour les Enfants d’Haiti) humedica is currently building an earthquake-proof school, which ought to offer space for up to 300 children. The construction, as well as the equipment of the school later on is supported with aid supplies from Germany. The place of construction is Port-au-Prince, which is clearly the largest town in Haiti with more than 1.5 million registered persons and 2.8 million estimated inhabitants.

The special thing about this school will be the composition of the pupils, as especially boys and girls of the orphanage Tapio run by FEH, as well as children from a home for seriously disabled children will go to the one-storey building. For this reason, the school building has been built barrier-free. The weakest members of the society shall find a home and a place for free development here.

Brasil: Education is the best protection against poverty and neglect

Also the children in Brazilian Novo Friburgo grow up in a depressing environment, characterized by alcoholism, unemployment and poverty. Many parents live with their children under the most elementary conditions isolated in the back country and are often unable to cope with their education.

Education is the best protection against poverty and neglect. In order to assure comprehensive and sustainable help, humedica founded a children day care center, which has been enlarged continually.

Here, children from kindergarten age to young adults are being cared for before or after school, they receive balanced meals in an affiliated canteen, can participate in different working groups and do sports in the afternoon. Moreover, the children and their families obtain free dental care.

After graduation, the staff and the children in their charge seek suitable apprenticeships in order to build up a future together with them.

With this holistic approach, which is adapted to the children’s needs, we want to offer the children a happy childhood and a good start in their lives as adults.

All children deserve a happy childhood without existential fears. Please continue your support for our efforts to strengthen the basic situation and the rights of children and, thus of everybody. Thank you very much!

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