Help in one of the most brutal civil wars of our time

humedica distributes help supplies under most difficult conditions

by Steffen Richter,  2014/04/01

Brute force marks the conflict between different religious and ethnic groups in Central African Republic. The sad consequence is a humanitarian catastrophe, which has taken place for more than a year mostly unnoticed by the world public. After an investigation operation a few weeks ago, humedica was able to distribute urgently needed aid supplies to refugee families in the capital Bangui, yesterday.

Even without the civil war, the situation for most of the population in the Central African Republic would be critical. The conflict, which has lasted for twelve months already and which is still intensifying, worsens the situation dramatically.

“The refugees in the camps in the capital lack elementary things”, humedica coordinator Margret Müller told us, some days ago. “Most of them sleep on the naked floor, without any blankets or mattresses. And it gets permanently more crowded in the camps, because murders and wild gunfights don’t stop, quite the contrary.”

Besides the difficult safety situation for refugees as well as helpers, supply matters and hygienic and health aspects play an increasing role. The now finished distribution of aid supplies by humedica to about 500 refugee families in a camp in Bimbo, not far from the capital Bangui, represents an important relief for the coming weeks.

“It was important for us to help the people in this difficult situation with simple things: mosquito nets, a plastic tarp which can be used as a mat, tent or tent extension, blankets, cooking utensils or plastic boxes, in which they can protect clothes and other important things of the wet season”, explains Margret Müller, who has organized and supervised the distributions together with her colleague Kenneth Dakat.

As the situation for thousands of refugees gets worse from day to day, humedica considers further intensification of their aid measures. “The incalculable safety situation makes it difficult to plan seriously, but we are aware of the gravity of the situation for the people and we are demanded to help. That’s why I have allocated an initial 100,000 Euros from our reserve funds for immediate help measures”, confirms humedica managing director, Wolfgang Groß.

humedica urgently asks the German population for directed donations for our help in the heart of Africa:

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