Renewed support by humedica staff member Rebecca Groß

by Rebecca Groß,  2014/10/24

Brazil is a country of contrasts. Next to the economical surge structural poverty persists, next to the carefree lives of some the bitter struggle for existence of the others goes on. The humedica children’s village “Campo de Coelho” in the eastern part of the country supports children and teens of especially needy families and, with adapted programs, prepares them for an independent future.

Currently, the local staff is getting the support of Rebecca Groß, the daughter of humedica managing director, Wolfgang Groß. Retrospectively, she reports about her first weeks back in her favorite country, Brazil:

My first week in Nova Friburgo...

My first day back in the children’s day care center in Nova Friburgo already contained a big party, as all birthdays of the last six months were celebrated. The whole morning, we were busy decorating and wrapping parcels. The children came back from school for lunch and we had an afternoon of music and entertainment, and every birthday boy or girl received one of the presents we had prepared.

I have handled manifold tasks and wherever help is needed, I have helped out. In the morning, I help supervisor Magali in the office, at lunch I am responsible for the distribution of beverages and finally, I relieve my colleagues of a part of their workload in child care. However, on Fridays my agenda is different: Until lunch, I care for a group of children autonomously and later I meet the other staff members, in order to plan the agenda of the following week.

At the moment, we are working at a new project called “Cuidar”, in German “Pflege”. The program, which has been planned by our psychologist Tamaris, contains a different topic every month, which the children have to look into. In the end, it is all about the family as a place of care. All boys and girls had painted pictures of their families and presented them in a small exhibition.

In this context, Tamaris made a speech about the five most important signs, which express our love for our family. Afterwards, the children were meant to write down, how they have experienced love in their families and how they show their parents and brothers and sisters that they love them.

To see how much the many boys and girls are happy about this project makes me thankful of being able to help here and I am looking forward to what the coming time may bring.

… week two in Brazil...

My second working week in the humedica children’s day care center Nova Friburgo starts stressfully. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we were busy, besides our everyday tasks, to get declarations of agreement, as well as copies of birth certificates and identity cards of all children’s parents. The reason for this effort was our planned excursion on Thursday.

As everything had been organized, two coaches came to fetch us on Thursday morning and carried us to the Colegio Anchiera, a famous educational center which has existed in Nova Friburgo since 1902 and which had initially been intended only for boys. There we made a guided tour and visited the museum. As the initial supporting organization had been the Jesuit order, we were also allowed to get a glance into the annexed chapel.

After that, we went into a big park in the center of the city, where the children could run about to their hearts’ content during a walk and take souvenir photos. After that came the Highlight of the excursion: A visit of the famous cheese and chocolate factory Queijaria Suica. It has been a long day, but the children have been happy to get out of their everyday life for once and I have been able to learn to know more about my new home Nova Friburgo.

The following day, it became evident that the children feel good in the day care center also on normal days. Even if, actually, the child care finishes at 2:30 p.m., about 15 children absolutely wanted to stay on. Thus, I stayed for one and a half hours more, to paint together with the boys and girls, before they wend their way home.

… my third working week in the children’s village “Campo de Coelho”

In my third week, I was present when the staff members of the children’s day care center visited the children’s families at home. On Tuesday afternoon, we went together with my colleague Gabriella to the accommodations of four families, in order to renew their personal data. Most of them live of agriculture, but their income is not high enough to manage without any support.

Otherwise, this week’s project topic was “Care for the others and learn from them”. The children have realized different tasks and actions adapted to this topic. For example, we have constructed small containers out of plastic bottles, which the children ought to fill with good or bad feelings.

As time and again the one or other educator cannot come, I also look after children’s groups alone and take the chance to commit the names of all the boys and girls to my memory, playing ball and clapping games. Moreover, once a week I give Math and English classes.

The fact that more and more children are interested in learning a foreign language makes me very happy and it is good to see that I can help others with my knowledge. And there is the positive side effect that, in the context of these classes, my own language abilities improve as well, as I explain everything in Portuguese.

On the whole, the time in my third week has flown and I can hardly wait, until the preparations for the great humedica Christmas parcel campaign „Geschenk mit Herz” will start here in Brazil as well.

These spotlights of the everyday life and work in the children’s day care center are examples for the concept followed by humedica: The day care center offers the boys and girls a kind of protective cover, which eases their hardships, cares for them and prepares them for their future.

With a directed donation you will also become part of this protective cover and make it possible for children in need to find a place of hope and without worries. Thank you very much for your support!

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