Fortunate coincidence in the supermarket

by Lina Koch,  2013/08/21

For many people, going to the supermarket is a necessary evil. You try to push some bulky caddy and probably also your whining kids through too narrow hallways with too much candy, past special offers and heavily charged counters in front of endless queues. Your only objective: getting out of here as fast as possible.

However, Christina Duschinski from Bruckmühl can tell us that sometimes, great things happen between milk and flour. And in some way, this has also to do with humedica.

For a long time already, Christina Duschinski has been engaged in humedica’s great Christmas parcel campaign “Geschenk mit Herz” (Presents given wholeheartedly). Every year anew, she has been recovering shoe boxes, washing cuddly toys and packing parcels. After being sorted at the humedica headquarters, these presents are sent in countries all over the world.

There, local partners look after the equal distribution of the parcels. Thus, in 2012, 79,413 of these presents could be handed over to beaming children. Children who would probably not have had the chance to get a Christmas present otherwise, because of the need and poverty they are living in.

In order to make the campaign be a success this year as well, Christina Duschinski is already seeing to get her presents now. She is not only buying clothes and cuddly toys, but also school supplies, toys and sweets for her parcels. As she wanted to please the children specially, when she saw some coloured softballs in the supermarket, she didn’t think about it long and put some of them in her caddy.

Arriving at the counter, another customer was wondering about the strange choice of articles and asked her about it. Christina Duschinski informed the lady about Geschenk mit Herz and that was the beginning of a wonderful story. The inquiring lady, it transpired, had her basement full of cuddly toys and she was happy to give them for a good cause.

No sooner said than done. Two hours later, the new enthusiastic fan of Geschenk mit Herz arrived at Christina Duschinski’s door with two big bags full of cuddly toys.

“I was very happy about this help. Now I’ve got enough cuddly toys for Geschenk mit Herz for the next years”, said the woman from Bruckmühl enthusiastically. She added: “There are so many of them that there are even some left for the Happy Teddy campaign. I hope that humedica will be able to surprise children all over the world with this little treat.”

Christina Duschinski is not the only one who is already starting to prepare the Geschenk mit Herz campaign. Numerous voluntary helpers are already assiduously recovering shoe boxes and sorting out the first toys at the humedica headquarters.

Become part of the Christmas parcel campaign Geschenk mit Herz, too and get engaged in packing parcels or in offering to be a collecting point. A concrete donation will also find its way to become a present for children in need. Thank you very much!

Our very special thanks go to Christina Duschinski and her great and considerable dedication to our cause.

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