Third humedica team accompanies relief items transport flight

Help reaches Tacloban – Situation still tense – humedica charges Airbus A321 with urgently needed items

by Steffen Richter,  2013/11/14

During the last hours, the airlift between Manila and Tacloban, put into action by the Philippian and US army, has shown some effects: help has finally arrived. Despite that, the situation in the destroyed city is still alarming.

In cooperation with the Airbus foundation and Philippine Airlines, the ferry flight of a new A321 is going to be used for the transport of a new medical team and of urgently needed relief items into the catastrophe region (Airbus location Hamburg-Finkenwerder, departure 6.00 p.m.).

“We are very grateful for this great possibility of transporting further help to Tacloban rapidly”, says humedica managing director Wolfgang Groß. “By now, there are 12 team members in Tacloban who have been treating without interruption and who badly need this help of more team members and relief items.”

On board of this relief flight, there will be Dr. Sandra Späth (Munich), Dr. Matthias Haun (Rotthalmünster), Dr. Michael Brinkmann (Bonn), Dr. Rainer Berendes (Kumhausen) and Irmgard Römpp (Beuren) as a medical team, as well as Grace de Guia-Landenberger (Bad Tölz), Michael Krimpmann (Münster), Tatjana Bojarski (Berlin) and Judith Kühl (Berlin) as coordinators for an office in Manila and the work on-site in Tacloban. This team is being accompanied by humedica managing director Wolfgang Groß.

In Manila, the relief items will be charged on a charter plane and transported to Tacloban. This last part of the journey is financed by BILD hilft e.V. “Ein Herz für Kinder”. The whole disaster operation is being carried out in cooperation with the Swedish partner organization Scandinavian Children’s Mission (SCM).

Moreover, humedica thanks the organization stars4kids – Stiftung Profifußballer helfen Kindern (foundation professional soccer players help children) for the amount of 10,000 € and for 7.5 tons of clothes, which have been sponsored by FC Bayern München and which are being transported to Tacloban on this flight.

humedica explicitly thanks all sponsors and supporters until this date and is still soliciting for further directed donations for our disaster operations in the Philippines.

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      Bank Code 734 500 00
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