humedica knows about the many volunteers’ indispensability

by Deborah Schmieg,  2013/12/26

If one had to find a symbolic description for the volunteers’ work, it would probably be man’s breath, while his heart would be the projects and his body the administration. For the international help organization humedica, the volunteers are indispensable.

Now, before Christmas and the beginning of the year 2014, the management and the permanent employees want to thank all volunteers who...

  • are or were working as coordinators or medical staff on-site!
  • present humedica on exhibitions or public events!
  • drive the car service for humedica staff and for visitors, who fetch donations in kind or transport relief supplies to the airport!
  • assure telephone services at the headquarters!
  • sort out thousands of Christmas parcels every year for the “Geschenk mit Herz” campaign!
  • as a driver, fetch the parcels from the collecting points allover Bavaria!
  • send information material to the “Geschenk mit Herz” collecting points!
  • supervise the humedica storage!
  • clean plush animals and clothes!
  • fetch the shoe boxes from the shoe shops!
  • revet the shoe boxes with wrapping paper!
  • disguise as Santa Claus for the busy helpers!
  • dispatch the Christmas parcels in the beneficiary countries!
  • do office work, like putting letters into envelopes!
  • bake delicious cakes!

“Thank you very much!”, says humedica managing director Wolfgang Groß on behalf of all staff members, project partners and friends of humedica.

We would never be able to publish the photos of all volunteers and the work they are doing, there are far too many of them and their tasks are so varied. That is why we want to publish a photo of us at this place.

humedica says THANK YOU! Photo: humedica

humedica wishes a very happy Christmas time and a blessed year 2014 to all voluntary helpers! We are glad to know, that we can count on you also in the New Year. Only with your help, all the aid which humedica is offering, can reach the people who need it.

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