Interim result brings confidence: 7.780 blankets ordered

by Ruth Bücker,  2013/01/10

It has been a warm Christmas in 2012 and yet, after spending some time outside, in the winter cold, most people in Germany were probably happy about being able to return to their warm and cosy homes. To us in Germany, this option seems so normal that we are almost not aware of it. Yet in the view of tens of thousands of refugees in Syria, this is a real privilege.

International voices speak of 2 million people who had to flee to other parts of their home country of Syria. They had to flee destruction, war and violence, i.e. situations that posed an acute threat to their lives. These people found refuge and protection in the homes of relatives or friends, in official refugee camps or in makeshift shelters in the fields.

After an exploratory team led by humedica staffer Patrick Khamadi had travelled to Syria at the end of the past year and given refugees medical treatment, the team of three returned to Germany with the bitter, but also motivating insight that a medical aid mission would be too dangerous at the moment. Yet also with the insight that providing urgently needed help would be possible in an alternative way: by distributing blankets.

The campaign „blankets for Syria“ was launched, attracted much attention and resulted in readiness to help and practised charity. You, our dear friends and supporters, donated the incredible amount of 39.000 euros for these measures to help.

Instead of the originally estimated ten euros per blanket, the support of the Georg Jos. Kaes GmbH group of companies, based in Mauerstetten near Kaufbeuren, made it possible to reduce the acquisition costs to approximately five euros per blanket of high quality. Thus, we were able to order 7.000 blankets altogether and finance their transport via Turkey. In addition to the reduction of the purchase price, the two managing directors Helmut and Horst Hermann donated 10.000 euros for the campaign. Heartfelt thanks to all who supported this campaign.

Every donation – even the smallest – made a contribution to the interim result and the great donation mentioned above increased the amount up to the end result. In addition, only a few days ago, a special donation in kind reached the humedica headquarters that was literally a result of 50 helping hands.

35 years ago, the “women’s group knitting for leprosy St. Michael” developed around Elisabeth Ganz, a woman from Krumbach. The desire of the diligent women was and still is to help people in need – and that is what the 25 women have been doing up to this day in a very special way:

We are about 25 women who, during the winter months, meet every two weeks to knit for the poor”, we are told by Mrs Marianne Zauner, the woman who transported this special donation to humedica. “And now we hope that with our donations we can help humedica.

The commitment of the 25 knitting women resulted in 40 handmade blankets that are all unique as to their size, colour and pattern and the love with which they were made. Apart from love, every blanket is the result of 50 hours of work and many metres of donated wool, as is explained to us by Mrs Zauner. It is obvious that these blankets will not only bring physical warmth, but express human warmth as well.

At this point, we would like to thank these talented and committed women with all our heart. Thanks to this special and the whole generous, impressive and moving campaign of support of the past weeks, thousands of Syrian families will soon be handed over a blanket. Thus, warmth will no longer be an unreachable privilege to these families, but these blankets will at least bring some alleviation into their hard everyday lives.

If you would like to continue to support our project and stand by these Syrians whose lives have been turned upside-down by the war, you are welcome to do this with a specific online donation using our online donation form. Please continue to support us with “warm hearts”. Thank you so much!

      humedica e. V.
      Reference „Blankets for Syria
      Account 47 258
      Bank Code 734 500 00
      Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

      IBAN: DE39 7345 0000 0000 0472 58

We kindly ask for your understanding that we cannot accept further blankets for Syria. But with your donation you can contribute to the acquisition of more blankets and to giving more warmth to people in Syria. Or do you have some wool left over? The “women’s group knitting for leprosy St. Michael” will be happy about it. If this is the case, please contact humedica spokesman, Mr Steffen Richter: or 0049 (0)8341 - 966 148 45.

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