Being able to hear is a blessing

After individual aid in Lebanon: Bashar and his family say thank you

by Damaris Walter,  2013/02/08

Till a few weeks ago, Bashar had to live almost without hearing. For a long time, no help was available for the son of a Syrian refugee family in Lebanon, but now he is fine. Hearing works. Learning to speak is his next challenge.

Thanks to a refugee aid project run by our organisation in Lebanon, humedica had heard of Bashar’s story. With the specific help of a hearing aid acoustician, a hearing device was procured, taken to Syria and fitted by a physician on site.

Bashar’s joy about this far-reaching change to his life was enormous and such was the gratefulness of his family.

Dr. Arnold Breuer, a humedica volunteer doctor on mission in Lebanon, already fitted the device successfully at the end of 2012. Meanwhile, Bashar has moved to the north of Lebanon with his family.

In consequence, their condition as refugees has improved significantly. Bashar’s father found work in a bakery and can provide for his family now. He is very happy about this permanent employment.

The generous donor of the hearing aid is Armin Lahr, a master hearing aid acoustician and shop manager in Kaufbeuren. The kind man is even prepared to donate more hearing devices in case humedica finds more people who have no possibility of procuring them on their own.

The hearing aid works really well”, we are told by Bashar’s happy father. The family is very pleased and grateful for the support they received and the change to Bashar’s life they had never thought to be possible. Due to his poor hearing ability, Bashar’s speech had not developed properly either, so speech training will be the next step he is going to take with the help of a speech therapist.

This is a challenge Bashar will face with pleasure since he has lived in an almost soundless world so far.

Heartfelt thanks on behalf of Bashar and his family for this great donation and all the generous efforts. Bashar’s first reaction to the new hearing device was amazement. It was very strange for him in the beginning to hear all those sounds and voices but in the meantime he has got used to them.

Now he has to learn to match the faces that are familiar to him with new, unfamiliar voices”, Dimitry wrote us from Lebanon some days ago.

humedica would also like to say thank you to Armin Lahr for the donation of the hearing aid and to all those who made this project of individual aid possible.

May God bless the gift, the giver and the receiver.

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