After the tragedy of Lampedusa: humedica planning to continue their help

by Steffen Richter,  2013/10/04

Up to this day, official statements talk of 114 dead persons, among them many women and children. This is the worse catastrophe, since people have tried to flee from Africa to Europa over the Mediterranean, in order to find a better future.

The tragedy off Lampedusa shows us, that we need medium term solutions and short term elaborate and systematic aid. Since 2011, humedica has been active in Europe’s largest refugee camp in Sicily and will also help the survivors of the latest catastrophe.

Only some hours ago, Pope Franziskus was talking of a “day of tears” and was denouncing the “indifference towards those, who flee slavery and hunger, in order to seek freedom but who find death instead."

The situation of those, who reach the island uninjured or at least alive, is difficult.

The hoped paradise turns out to be life in a camp under difficult conditions. Despite that, the number of refugees is of about 22,000 for 2013 alone.

“We have observed the situation for some years now”, explains humedica chairman Wolfgang Groß after the latest catastrophe.

“In cooperation with partners, we have been providing help since 2011. We have distributed aid supplies and have provided communication possibilities for the refugees through the internet.”

Unfortunately, it is a rule rather than an exception that the refugees have to give all their personal belongings at the beginning of their perilous journey. In Italy, they often start life only with the things they are wearing.

Here, humedica and our partner Gioventú in Missione (Piedimonte Etneo / Sicily) can help: the field teams distribute necessities like clothes or shoes. Only after that, they offer further help like psychological-pastoral counseling and special offers for children.

“We will continue our help measures in cooperation with our partners and are now checking a further extension of our activities”, says Groß and is asking the people in Germany for directed donations in favor of these measures:

      humedica e.V.
      Reference “Lampedusa refugees”
      Account 47 47
      Bank Code 734 500 00
      Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

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