“The children suffer most!”

by Judith Kühl/LKO,  2013/12/03

On November 8th, super-typhoon “Haiyan” hit the Philippian islands Leyte and Samar with unimaginable power and changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people within seconds. “Yolanda” as the storm is called on the Philippines, has deprived many Philippians of their families, health and homes.

27-year-old Judith Kühl has stayed in the catastrophe region as a coordinator for humedica and has been confronted with numerous human fates. She had been particularly touched by the stories of the two children Francis and Lougie.

The worried parents of little Francis are awaiting an improvement in her state of health. Photo: humedica/Tatjana Bojarski

“The daily consultation hours of our humedica doctors at the “Mother of Mercy” hospital in Tacloban have become daily routine. Daily routine, which does the people good and which brings a bit of normality, as well as urgently needed help into the difficult circumstances under which people have to live in this chaotic city.

In order to find a hospital, a mother brought her little girl to Tacloban on a moped, driving for over 40 kilometers. Three-months-old Francis arrives at our doctors completely enfeebled. Her body is covered with skin infections. On her belly, there is quite a big purulent abscess which engenders a life-threatening sepsis.

In order to stabilize her circulation, Francis is immediately put on a drip, supplied with liquids and treated with antibiotics. One hour later, our doctors operate the little girl and open the abscess. Small Francis overcomes the operation very well and, thanks to the liquids therapy, gets well soon. After four hours, her mother’s face is relaxing for the first time.

Lougie’s parents fear for their two-year-old son’s life. Before the catastrophe, he had already been undernourished. Now he can’t keep any food down. Moreover, he is so much enfeebled by pneumonia that we have to give him oxygen and he must inhale medicine for his lungs. He is whining and calling for his mother, who is sitting next to him and is calming him.

Time and again, he gathers all his strength and tries to get rid of the tubes in his nose. But a short time later, he sinks back onto his pillows and falls asleep. After an intensive care of several hours, we transfer Lougie into another hospital for the night. When our team visits the boy two days later, he can already eat cooked rice and looks much healthier.

Most of our little patients suffer from skin infections and common colds because they have stayed too long in dirty water after the flood, or because they have been wearing wet clothes for days. There is the continual risk, for children with a weak immune system, that skin diseases become large-scale infectious inflammations and that a common cold becomes pneumonia – like it had happened to Francis and Lougie.

Further health dangers are the rubbish and the debris which are being piled up every two or three meters along the roads. As soon as the rain ceases for a while, the people burn the rubbish and the dead bodies buried under it. Then, the whole city is covered with smoke, which irritates the lungs even more.

Especially the children, who are suffering most under this catastrophe, need our help now. Many thanks for your support, which enables quick help for people in need. “

Dear friends and sponsors, the relief measures for the victims of typhoon “Haiyan” still go full speed. Please, become part of our efforts and support our commitment with a directed donation. Thank you very much!

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