Three years after the flood, Charsadda is looking forward again

by Lina Koch,  2013/09/27

Unimaginable deluges of water. Thousands of accomodations razed. People faced with ruin. The 2010 monsoon flood in Pakistan has led to one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes of the last decade. humedica reacted immediately, procuring urgent medical aid as well as still persisting help for reconstruction measures.

Pediatrician Dr. Toni Großhauser has worked as a humedica coordinator since the beginning of this emergency measure and has realized the reconstruction and renovation of many new houses, in cooperation with the partner organization Pak Mission Society (PMS). Again and again he met people struck badly by fate, moving experiences. Today, we want to present you some of these.


Kahlida Bibi is 50 years old and lives in the small village Jahengira in the district Charsadda, a region extremely affected by the flood.

Since her husband’s death Kahlida has been completely on her own. Thanks to PMS’ and humedica ‘s aid, she is looking forward optimistically again. Photo: humedica

Since her husband’s death, the responsibility for her three children has been a heavy burden for her alone. Working as a housemaid, she was able to buy two small houses for her son and her elder daughter. Kahlida herself and her disabled daughter were living in a simple accommodation, when the flood came and destroyed everything.

Looking for save shelter, Kahlida and her daughter met closed doors everywhere, even at her married children’s homes. She was obliged to ask other people, mostly her employers, for a night in a dry place. A hopeless situation.

Seeing her hardship, PMS and humedica decided to give extensive help to Kahlida. She was given a small one-room house, which provides protection and security to her and her daughter. Protection against unexpected floods, security against intrusion from outside.

“I thank God that PMS and humedica found and helped me, when nobody else was willing to help me”, says Kahlida happily.


Marjan Ali also lives in the district Charsadda with his family. As a wageworker, he earns the living for his family of seven. It was a happy life until the flood arrived. It took all of his belongings, it razed his house.

Marjan’s family’s makeshift shelter didn’t resist bad weather. Now, the new house protects them from the cold and rain. Photo: humedica

Although homeless, Marjan didn’t give up, but together with relatives and friends, he built two new rooms for himself, his wife and his five children. His two eldest sons married and Marjan gave the small houses to his sons, as it is custom in Pakistan. Together with his wife and his three other children, he moved into a small shelter made of straw.

But the new accommodation wasn’t made for bad weather: Heavy rain entered through the thin straw roof and worsened the family’s situation dramatically.

PMS became aware of these difficult conditions and decided to help in this case, too.

In cooperation with humedica, a new one-room shelter could be built for Marjan and his family. They accepted it happily and gave it a colorful decoration, immediately. Thanks to PMS and humedica luck has come back into his life, says Marjan smiling.


Qadeer Gul from Charsadda earns the living for his wife and his five children as a trash collector, who sells what he finds on the market. When the flood arrived, his family was living in a simple tent. The deluges pulled it with them, together with their few belongings. The family was facing ruin.

Qadeer is standing proudly in front of his new house. The times when he had to live in a tent with his family are over now. Photo: humedica

Qadeer worked tirelessly in order to build a new home for his family. However, with his own strength, he couldn’t afford more than a makeshift tent made of old bed sheets. Especially his children suffered from the cold accommodation and the bad future prospects. But the tide has turned.

Confronted with the family’s suffering, humedica and PMS decided to help. In the course of the reconstruction project of Charsadda, a new house for the Gul family was being built. “We are over happy that we don’t need to live in a tent any longer. Moving into a real house has improved our living circumstances a lot. I thank all those who made this possible”, explains Qadeer enthusiastically.

Kahlida’s, Marjan’s and Qadeer’s experiences stand for uncountable other stories in Pakistan. People who lost everything in the big flood and who have never given up, however.

People who live in simple tents, instead of real houses because of their love for their children. People who disappeared from the public’s interest, long ago. People who we could offer a new future thanks to your donations. Thank you very much!

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