Many touching moments

A Christmas celebration in Lebanese Damour

by Jihad Nasr/DWA,  2013/01/15

Jihad Nasr reports on the Christmas celebration in the Lebanese town of Damour, where many Syrian refugee children were happy about a great programme, many delicious goodies and little gifts that were co-financed by humedica. “At the end, a little amount was still missing for the full funding of the celebration and the gifts, but then, suddenly, a local donor was found who financed the rest. Thank you, Jesus!” Jihad Nasr happily tells us.

humedica co-financed the Christmas celebration in Lebanon with an amount of 600 US dollars: 375 USD for the presents, 25 USD for transportation costs and 200 USD for food, drinks and the Christmas decoration were passed to our local partner organisation, GWAM.

“It was a great party. Two hundred people took part and celebrated with us. Most of the guests were Syrian refugees, many of whom also take part in our “kids clubs” on a regular basis. About 85 of the smaller and older children who attend our kids clubs came to the Christmas celebration and were given presents.

A further group of thirty children who take part in our kids programme, also celebrated with us and did not receive a parcel but delicious snacks and goodies. They came to experience our celebration programme. We did not know that they would come.

Only one day before the celebration, their tutor contacted us and announced that these 30 children would also come to our Christmas celebration, but they would leave before the distribution of the presents, since there would not have been enough presents for all of them. Yet in order not to let them leave without any presents, we made lots of goodies for them, which they were overjoyed about.

Among the guests were also many of the mothers of the refugee children – no fathers, but many mothers, who contributed to a happy and relaxed atmosphere by breaking the ice for the children, so they felt safe and secure and were able to celebrate happily.

The mothers were so grateful and told us how much they appreciated that their children were always welcome in our kids clubs; they said they were encouraging their relatives and neighbours as well to send their children to our kids groups. Their enthusiasm was really moving!

The celebration had a colourful programme: “Many games were played that created a relaxed atmosphere and helped the people to get to know each other. I told them the story of Jesus’ birth and Peter, one of our kids club staff, sang a song with each group of kids from the kids club. Afterwards, one of our friends from YWAM Brazil (“Youth with amission”), Christian Dram, and his group, presented a fascinating performance that contained circus elements and just left us with our mouths open.

The transport of the guests to the party and back home afterwards, was both challenging and fun: The place where we had organised our celebration was so secluded that nobody would have been able to walk there and back. Hence, we took my car and those of other people and went to and fro in order to take every guest to the remote school where the celebration took place. It was very moving for me to see all the refugee children standing there with their mothers and waiting to have their turn and get in the car.

Unfortunately, we were not able to take many photos since most of the Syrian refugees did not want to be photographed. Photos would probably have been the best way to convey the special, happy atmosphere of celebration we enjoyed with the refugees, better than any words. Yet the few photos we have will also give you a little insight into the joy that humedica, together with YWAM Brazil and GWAM, was able to bring to the Syrians here in Lebanon. Thank you so much for that! “

The projects and aid measures for the Syrian refugees in Lebanon still continue and need your support. Please help the destitute refugees in Lebanon with a specific donation to the account indicated below or use our online donation form. Heartfelt thanks.

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