Cheerful colors at the outside

The day-care center Krushe e Vogel is gleaming in new splendor

by Deborah Schmieg,  2013/09/14

In the context of the yearly maintenance and reparation work, which had become necessary in the outdoor area of the humedica day-care center Krushe e Vogel, a team from the USA and local helpers have given a new look to the day-care center. The terrace, fence and house walls have been renovated, built or painted.

The calm small village Krushe e Vogel is situated near Prizren, the second biggest city in Kosovo. 14 years ago, during the conflict in Kosovo, terrible war crimes happened in this village. Many women lost their husbands – children their fathers.

In order to help the widows to earn their living autonomously, humedica founded the day-care center Krushe e Vogel in 1999. Up to now, an average of 40 children is being cared for during the whole day.

Last year, the day-care center was given a new look inside and was refurnished with the help of many volunteers. This summer, a team from Great Falls Christian Centers (CFCC) from the USA, day-care center staff and local helpers have attended to the renovation of the outdoor area.

Thanks to generous donations of the CFCC team, a colored fence could be built between the pedestrian zone and the children’s playground. And the outer walls of the day-care center were painted in cheerful colors.

“The inhabitants of the village thought, that the work we completed this summer was a blessing. They were excited to brighten up the outdoor area, which can be seen by everybody”, says humedica assistant Alban Bytyqi.

Besides the work in the day-care center, humedica also provides basic medical aid. With so-called mobile hospitals, the voluntary relief units visit small villages around Krushe e Vogel. These are villages, whose inhabitants hardly have access to medical treatment.

The next assignments have already been planned: a team of two medically qualified persons is going to travel from Germany to Kosovo from September 9 to 20, another team is going there from November 4 to 15.

For this kind of work, we dispose of the special humedica travelling fund which enables voluntary field units to participate in missions to help people in need, planned long before, by giving them some financial support.

Give hope to the people in Kosovo, too and support the work of humedica with a directed donation for the travelling fund. We thank you very much!

      humedica e. V.
      Reference “Travelling Fund”
      Account 47 47
      Bank Code 734 500 00
      Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

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