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September 2013

by Lina Koch, Deborah Schmieg,  2013/10/02

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Last field training 2013

This year, humedica has offered a total of four field training weeks. The last one this year took place from September 14th to 21st. The weekend of September 14th and 15th was reserved only for the seven participants of the media coordinator training. The coordinator trainees and the medical field staff joined them from the 15th to 21st.

The training of the complete team of 28 was conducted by Jürgen Fredrich, pastor and head of the Immanuel Parish in Kaufbeuren, Klaus Ruhrmann, a humedica voluntary collaborator and Christian Freischlad, humedica project assistant.

Using theoretical as well as practical units, they taught the participants the necessary background for a future field action. Emphasis was put on training concerning the topics safety, cultural background, teamwork, coordinator’s tasks and medical features.

“This field training showed me once again, how important teamwork is on-site. The topics we have learned about were very interesting and the relationship within our group was unique”, tells us humedica assistant Vanessa Pischulti, 25 who has been trained as a coordinator.

Christmas parcels and our campaign partner BAYERN 3

For the seventh time, BAYERN 3 will be our media partner supporting the campaign "Geschenk mit Herz”. Already in 2007 the “Frühaufdreher” incited the audience in their early morning program to pack parcels for this Christmas campaign, which helps poor children in Germany and Eastern Europe.

Some days ago, humedica assistants in charge of events and the dedicated radio people met in the broadcasting studios in Munich for an organizational meeting. Amongst other things, they were also planning a campaign trip to Ethiopia, one of the countries receiving the Christmas parcels. This trip will be undertaken by Geschenk mit Herz sponsor Claudia Conrath.

The early morning radio reporter is going to travel to Addis Abeba together with Chief reporter Martin Breitkopf and another technician colleague at the end of October. Naturally, you will read all the information about this trip on our website or on

Current blogs on

Today, there are a lot of possibilities for media-related news coverage. And the importance of the so-called blogging, also used by humedica is ever increasing.

In the tab “support” you can find the section “blogs”. There, our staff on-site is reporting regularly about their experiences, thoughts and tasks during their relief measures in crisis regions all over the world.

humedica spokesman Steffen Richter thinks that this kind of report is really important: “Blogs are a very suitable journalistic style for our people on-site. Help is getting a very personal note, which makes it more comprehensible, more tangible also for the readers.”

At the moment, it is Prof. Dr. Gerhard Trabert who is completing this part of the humedica webpage. In his daily web-blog, the doctor from Selzen in Rheinhessen describes his experiences at his work with Syrian refugees in East Lebanon.

If you, too, would like to get the latest information about our work we will be glad to welcome you on our new format. Enjoy your reading!

Firm’s outing to Munich

It needs more than just the daily interaction at the workplace to make a team work. An intact team demands confidence, comprehension and joy on its way to the common aim. For these reasons, but also in order to recharge our batteries and to have a little break, the humedica team from the headquarters was visiting the Bavaria film studios in Munich at the end of September.

The humedica team started their excursion to the Bavarian capital in a coach, enjoying wonderful autumn weather. The colleagues were taking part in an intensive guided tour between huge settings of films and series during which our own talent for acting was demanded.

After that, we enjoyed the end of the day with a dinner in a relaxed atmosphere before returning to Kaufbeuren by coach.

Even if it is only one day a year, coming together away from the workplace has always reinforced our common passion to help people in need. Thank you to our colleagues Nora Welti and Roswitha Bahner-Gutsche for the organization of this excursion.

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