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January 2013

by Ruth Bücker,  2013/01/23

+++ A double thank you to the celebrating Franconians +++ Syria: “I hope to be able to come again” +++ “What should I wear?!“ +++

A double thank you to the celebrating Franconians

Once again, the time had come: The Franconian couple Karin and Rudi Beßler invited their friends, personally, by phone or e-mail. They were looking forward to a get-together with their old friends, to laughing and dancing and a self-organised tombola with promising prizes.

Why are we telling you this, our dear friends? Because this celebration, held for a good cause, shows that donating and helping can be amusing at the same time, and we hope that this can serve as an inspiration to you.

The generosity of the friends we invited and their readiness to help others are a miracle for me, every year again”, Karin Beßler says after the celebration. In the run-up, the celebration also involves some worries. But in the end, the joy of being together and sense of community make up for all troubles and fun and charity triumph.

Each year I am overwhelmed by the readiness to help of our friends and acquaintances. The patio heater, which stopped working in the morning, was repaired and provided with a new fuse and so it became warm again everywhere very quickly”, the woman from Bamberg remembers. “We also had lots of great helpers for setting up and cleaning away. Great credit is due to our DJ who did a wonderful job of keeping everyone in high spirits and invested many hours for free. I couldn’t imagine this party without him.

Alongside the music, also the big tombola was welcomed with enthusiasm. The prizes had been collected by Karin and Rudi Beßler among their acquaintances beforehand, they had even got hold of an iPad as first prize. And to top it all off? All friends and party guests were asked to make a donation for a good cause. Like in the years before, the proceeds went to humedica.

It is so great to see how much our guests enjoy the party every year. They even thank us for the opportunity to do something good, since this is what really matters”, Karin Beßler says happily. humedica and the people who will benefit from the proud donation of 3.670 euros are even happier and, like the party guests, would like to express their gratitude to the celebrating couple from Bamberg.

Syria: “I hope to be able to come again“

Klaus Ruhrmann from Rheda-Wiedenbrück was ready at once, when at the end of last year an exploratory team was set up for a medical mission in Syria. Together with humedica staffer Patrick Khamadi and Dr Markus Hohlweck, an experienced and committed physician from Bonn, he set off for the crisis area.

On his nine missions before the one to Syria, the trained wound care specialist was faced with the most various life situations and scenes of destruction. He treated the most various ailments and shared the pain and stories of his patients. Yet none of his missions had touched him in the same way and to the same degree as did the mission to the north of Syria.

Still having these people in Syria on my mind who have been traumatized by war and destruction, I tried to think of a way to help the children who don’t have real shoes but are moving on the cold, wet floors only with bathing shoes or even barefoot”, Klaus Ruhrmann told us in the middle of January 2013. “Therefore, I went to the different shoe shops in my home town of Rheda-Wiedenbrück and asked them whether they were willing to donate some children shoes for Syria.

Klaus Ruhrmann was rewarded for asking: “I was surprised and enthusiastic that both Mrs Stratmann (Ranzenfee & Koffertroll GmbH) and Mrs Monkenbusch (shoe shop Monkenbusch) were willing to help!

In total, 70 pairs of children shoes were donated by the committed and spontaneous owners of the two shoe shops. Winterproof shoes in different sizes that will be transported to Syria at the end of this month and provide 70 girls and boys with warm feet and with the certainty that they are not forgotten.

Thank you so much to the donators for their trust in the humedica team. I can personally guarantee that this generous donation from Wiedenbrück will reach the needy children”, Klaus Ruhrmann assures. Nothing can be added to this but a heartfelt thank you from the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren.

“What should I wear?”

This is probably a situation women are more familiar with than men: the wardrobe door wide open, piles of more or less sorted sweaters and T-shirts, rows of hangers with jackets and blouses. And in spite of seeing this abundance of clothes a thought slips into our mind: “I don’t have anything to wear!

While this “problem” is due to luxury and wealth and is not a real problem, clothes are scarce in many countries of the earth. A scarce good that offers protection both against blazing sunshine and a freezing cold winter.

A good that is scarce, while in the wealthy countries clothes are produced and sold for one season only and then sorted out and destroyed because their design is considered outdated.

To destroy their high-quality garments, however, would be against the business ethics and credo of SmartWool, a company whose clothing products – ranging from socks to headdresses – are all made from fine, sustainably produced merino wool. In consequence, Nicole Beege, who works for the Agentur Reiner Kopf in Munich and is in charge of SmartWool’s sales in Germany, brought several boxes of merino clothes to the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren at the beginning of 2013.

The donation included hundreds of pairs of socks as well as outerwear for adults. All these clothes had just been used as demonstration items for distributors and had neither been worn nor were of inferior quality. Rather, these are clothes who can give warmth to people who live in structural poverty and thus, solve a problem that for many people is by no means a luxury problem. Thank you very much for this generous donation!

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