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February 2013

by Ruth Bücker, Steven Hofmann, Steffen Richter,  2013/03/05

+++ Teddy bears on ice – a very special free skate +++ “humedica helps us to help“ +++ humedica team day 2013: “We all pull together “ +++ Ethiopia: Larger rooms for an improved programme +++ Chairs around the whole world +++

Teddy bears on ice – a very special free skate

A teddy bear sitting on the pillow or a plush cat snuggled under the blanket – these are pictures of cuddly toys we are familiar with. Yet the Passau Black Hawks recently showed us that plush dogs, bears and zebras can also cut a fine figure on the ice.

For their last match of the main round, the hockey team from Lower Bavaria had called for a “teddy bear tossing”. A special moment was chosen for this activity: the 700 fans were invited to toss the teddy bears after their team’s first goal.

It was just great and a really beautiful sight when the 783 teddy bears flew over the plexiglass onto the ice”, Timo Seidl, one of the three humedica volunteers who watched the match, reports after having counted the throwing objects.

On the evening of February 24th he had travelled to the home match of the Passau-based team in order to take the plush toys that the fans had donated, to Kaufbeuren. There, they will be used for the campaign “A gift from the heart” and will make numerous boys and girls happy at Christmas 2013.

The whole humedica team would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the fans of the Passau Black Hawks and the hockey team itself for this special event on the ice. Congratulations on your win of that evening, which made the Black Hawks champions of the Bavarian District League East.

Thank you to "STOCK4press – Fischer’s photo agency" for the provision of the photos. Photos: STOCK4press/Daniel Fischer (

“humedica helps us to help“

They personally came to Kaufbeuren to get a picture of the ongoing humedica project work. For many years, Thomas and Tobias Stricker, directors of the renowned Kempten-based agency sons., have supported humedica in manifold ways, especially when it comes to creativity. On their latest visit, the two agency heads also brought a cheque with them.

"We see our support more as cooperation, as teamwork”, Thomas Stricker explains on his visit in Kaufbeuren. While we contribute our skills and experiences, humedica, with its worldwide commitment, helps us to help people, which is a major concern to us as well.

Thomas and Tobias Stricker brought along a donation of 2.500 euros for the various relief efforts. The cheque was gratefully accepted by humedica managing director Wolfgang Groß:

We can consider ourselves fortunate to receive such manifold and loyal support from sons. With this donation we can acquire 500 more blankets for Syria or about 100.000 antibiotic tablets, to name just two examples.

Whether it is about new developments in strategic communication, our annual reviews or the layout of our monthly newsletter, the sons. team advises us on many aspects and puts many projects into practice; according to the two directors, this cooperation will continue in 2013. Thank you so much!

humedica team day 2013: “We all pull together.”

Many weeks before the actual date, anticipation is building for the humedica team day, a highlight of the yearly calendar of events, not only for humedica volunteers, but also for the staff at the headquarters in Kaufbeuren.

The humedica team day 2013 in Wetzlar was a great success, just like in the years before. Photo: humedica/Steffen Richter

At the beginning of each year, humedica invites all its volunteers for a team day. This year again, like in the years before, the event took place in the buildings of the ERF [a Christian TV and radio broadcaster; translator’s note] in the Hessian town of Wetzlar. The participants had the opportunity to meet and talk to friends and acquaintances and listen to interesting presentations.

A part of the presentations were about our missions of the past years and showed the many different conditions we work in, ranging from prison missions and health posts in refugee camps to ‘normal’ but poorly equipped hospitals”, humedica staffer Christian Freischlad sums up. “Other presentations about medical topics like dermatology served as further training for medical professionals.

For one of the youngest and latest teammates working at the humedica headquarters, this was the first team day he experienced. “It was exciting to get to know more volunteers who cooperate with humedica and really make a difference in this world!”, Christian Freischlad says with enthusiasm. “For me personally, it was inspiring, encouraging and unexpectedly familiar. We all pull together and this is what connects us in spite of very different job backgrounds and ages.

This is exactly what characterizes humedica: the team spirit and great commitment of people who use their holidays or retirement to travel into crisis areas and practise charity. At this point, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all humedica volunteers for all our common aid and relief measures.

Ethiopia: Larger rooms for an improved programme

The family sponsorship programme in rural Debre Zeyt is one of the first projects launched by humedica in Ethiopia and run up to this day. Until recently, the local staff only had a small office at their disposal, which they used both for their administrative work and as a meeting point with the sponsored families.

From there, they coordinated all activities and, in spite of the limited space, they used the room as a base for the distribution of relief goods as well. Until recently, extra tuition for the children of the sponsored families, had to be given in the rooms of one of the local schools, which meant that this was only possible on weekends.

From this month on, humedica has rented larger rooms in Debre Zeyt which will make the work much easier. Besides an extra room for the office work, there is enough space now to hold extra tuition lessons in humedica’s own rooms.

As a consequence, extra tuition will now be offered on all five days of the week as well, which will hopefully have a positive effect on the children’s performance at school. This improvement will change and improve the lives of these children sustainably.

Chairs around the whole world

Alternative sitting solutions for all needs” is what the Bavarian company called TOPSTAR GmbH offers interesting readers on its homepage. That these are not just empty words was shown by the chair producer once again when the company donated numerous office chairs to humedica.

Both the humedica staff at the headquarters in Kaufbeuren and the local staff in several project countries profit from this generous donation made by the company based in the district of Augsburg. Whether in Germany or in a children’s home in Zimbabwe, Romania, Uganda or, like recently, in a facility of the Republic of Moldavia: the donated seating furniture is accepted with much gratitude and is put into use immediately.

In the past six years, the TOPSTAR GmbH company has donated many more than 1.000 chairs to humedica”, is reported by humedica volunteer Wolfgang Schüller who established the contact between the donor and the aid organisation. “The merchandise value of the chairs is about 170.000 euros – a remarkable and impressive donation.

Chairs do not immediately save lives. But good chairs make better work possible for the worldwide humedica partners. Thus, they are a small, but not insignificant component of practised charity. And this is why we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the management of TOPSTAR GmbH: senior manager Michael Wagner and his son and junior manager Dr. Rainer Wagner.

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