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August 2013

by Lina Koch, Steffen Richter,  2013/08/28

+++ another support from Kassel +++ three pallets of aid +++ secondary school in Günzburg gains 2,500 € by running for humedica +++ company Kemapack from Landsberg sponsors humedica +++ nine-year-old donates the money from his Communion and birthday

Another support from Kassel

It is a simple principle, the intention is exemplary: In the Kontaktladen Kassel all kinds of items which have been given for free, are resold at a low price and the earnings are donated to charitable organizations. humedica was among the beneficiaries and was pleased to receive a donation of 2,000 € this year, after 10,000 € last year.

“With the earnings of our shop we want to help people in need. We are glad to be able to support humedica’s work in this way”, says Barbara Nolting, the president of the Kontaktgruppe Hermannstraße e.V. The aim of the donation are the Syrian refugees in the East of Lebanon, where humedica has been providing medical aid by mobile hospitals since 2012.

humedica chairman Wolfgang Groß appreciates the renewed support coming from the north of Hessen: “The Syrian refugees in Lebanon still need help from the outside. We are very pleased about this concrete donation from the Kontaktladen Kassel. Thank you very much!”

Three pallets of aid

For several years already, the Malteser from Altenkunstadt have supported humedica’s work. Now they got engaged again with a large donation in kind.

In order to deliver it personally at the humedica headquartes in Kaufbeuren, a total of nine helpers accepted to make a four hour journey.

The busy Franconians brought not only a lot of smaller and bigger cuddly toys, but also glasses and clothes in good condition. The sum total after emptying the two Malteser vehicles: three fully packed Euro pallets for the good cause.

“It is good to know that our items are in good hands with humedica,” explains Christa Bember, member of the Order of Malta and adds: ”We have been engaged in the 'Geschenk mit Herz' campaign for some years already and are glad to be able to contribute something.”

humedica thanks all helpers of the Malteser Hilfsdienst Altenkunstadt for the generous donation.

Secondary school in Günzburg gains 2,500 € by running for humedica

It was one of the hottest days of the year, but this didn’t stop the pupils of the Dominikus-Zimmermann-Realschule in Günzburg to realize their project: classes had been transferred outside for the "run4humedica" fundraiser, in order to gain as much money as possible by running for the good cause. They accumulated the considerable sum of 2,500 €.

Together with the runners from the Albertus-Magnus-Workshops, who were visibly in a good mood, the pupils were running one lap after the other. The teachers, who were posted along the route, helped with cold drinks to refresh the runners. “The project has been a big success, despite the tropical temperatures. They all held on courageously”, says Nadine Schünzel, a pleased teacher.

run4humedica” enables schools to sponsor humedica’s international emergency aid and project work by realizing a fundraiser run. The pupils run fixed laps and receive a certain sum by previously found sponsors. If you are also interested in such a campaign, please contact our responsible assistant, Ms. Nora Welti.

The humedica team thanks all participants of the fundraising run for their sporty commitment.

Kemapack company from Landsberg sponsors humedica

The worldwide implication of humedica is as manifold as its possibilities of sponsorship. A rather particular sort of donation in kind from the company Kemapack GmbH in Landsberg gives a good proof of this.

Many people don’t know what a winder is. They know about the meaning of the word “to wind”, but what exactly does this machine do? The exact name of the corpus delicti is palette winding machine and this may clarify its job.

“Palette winding machines, so-called winders, help to prepare Euro pallets for transport”, explains Hermann Schäffler, employee in the humedica logistics department, winking. “The products, in our case relief items, are wrapped into an extremely elastic and tearproof plastic film, specially developed for this purpose.”

Such a palette winding machine is not so spectacular for the packaging specialists of the company Kemapack, the headquarters of which are situated in Landsberg am Lech. These machines are rather everyday routine. Kemapack’s range of products comprises machines, tools and consumables. Moreover, they offer workshops and services.

“The company Kemapack supports humedica because we really believe in what this organization does”, says Rainer Friedrich, technical service employee, when the winder was handed over to the humedica warehouse.

“Like humedica, in our company we believe in passion, reliability, continuity and sustainability and we are also down-to-earth and true to our roots and country. That is why we were pleased to help, when we got this precise request.”

For humedica this machine will ease the staff’s work immensely. It literally is a blessing. Depending on the number of donations in kind, the organization transports up to 800 tons of relief items to projects all over the world, using all kinds of routes and means of transport.

Nine-year old donates the money from his Communion and birthday

The children in Brazil have really found a new friend with Vinzenz Dosch. The nine-year old boy donated not only the money he had got for his Communion but also for his birthday to the humedica children’s village in Brazil. With his 285 Euros he wants to help children who are not as well-off as he is.

The humedica day-care center Campo do Coelho in the south-east of Brazil, not far away from Rio de Janeiro offers comprehensive support programs to children in need.

The boys and girls are not only offered free private lessons and various leisure activities, with the family sponsorship program they also benefit from regular meals and dental care – benefits which the parents cannot pay for.

Therefore, Vinzenz Dosch’s donation means something very special for humedica managing director, Wolfgang Groß: “Many of the children in our day-care center in Nova Friburgo are suffering from poverty and lack of prospects. Vinzenz does not only recognize these differences compared to our lives, but he is even prepared to share. This is really a special merit. Thank you very much, dear Vinzenz. We wish you and your family all the best!”

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