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April 2013

by Ruth Bücker, Lina Koch,  2013/05/01

+++ New faces in the humedica team +++ Selflessly serving their fellow-men +++ Haiti: Medical supply company Dambek donates wheelchair +++ Japan: Great progress – building nearing completion +++

New faces in the humedica team

In the middle of April, the team at the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren had the honour to welcome two new interns. 32-year-old Steffa Waffenschmid will assist the department of International Projects and Programmes (IPP), while Lina Koch, who was born in the Allgäu [an area in the south of Bavaria; translator’s note] will support the Public Relations (PR) team.

After working as a surgical nurse for many years and studying non-profit, social and health management at the University of Innsbruck in Austria afterwards, Steffa Waffenschmid, who was born in Freudenberg near Siegen, made a conscious decision to do an internship with humedica:

My long term goal is to be involved in humanitarian aid. My academic studies were very theoretical and therefore I look forward to getting an insight into the practical work of a relief organisation like humedica.” Steffa Waffenschmid already proved that she is able to meet the work requirements of a relief organisation without problems when she participated in a medical mission to Uganda in 2012.

23-year-old Lina Koch, who did a degree in political and social studies as well as English and American studies, applied for an internship with humedica in order to gain her first work experiences. “I already came across humedica several times during my studies and immediately got a positive impression of the organisation and its values. Therefore I am really pleased that I can do my first internship at the humedica headquarters.

The humedica team looks forward to cooperating with Steffa Waffenschmidt and Lina Koch in the months to come and wishes them a good start in their new working environment.

If you are interested in supporting the humedica team as an intern at our head office as well, we look forward to your application. Further information about internships with humedica can be found on our website following the link “About us”.

Selflessly serving their fellow men

The members of the Kiwanis Club Kempten Cambodunum live and act according to the principle of practised charity. “Treat your fellow men the way you would like them to treat you” is one of the principles of the organisation that is composed of worldwide clubs like that in Kempten.

Kiwanis derives from a Native American language and means: “We enjoy being active.” More than 600.000 members of 16.000 clubs in 70 countries worldwide live this kind of joy. They get involved in alleviating distress and poverty and they selflessly serve their fellow men.

At the beginning of April, the club members showed that they are aware of social responsibility by donating an amount of 1.000 euros to humedica. Hans Lederle, the chairman of the organisation’s aid fund and Dr. Hans-Peter Schossig, the president of the club, handed the donation over to humedica managing director Wolfgang Groß.

The donation will benefit Syrian refugees. In the east of Lebanon, Syria’s neighbour country, humedica volunteers travel around with mobile clinics and provide medical treatment to children and adults who had to flee their home country due to the civil war and are now living in refugee camps and waiting for the possibility to return to their homes.

At this point, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Kiwanis Club Kempten Cambodonum on behalf of the refugees who benefit from their support by receiving medical care and relief supplies.

Haiti: Medical supply company Dambek donates wheelchair

When in Germany a wheelchair is broken, its owner has the right to have it repaired and, usually, their health insurance will bear at least a part of the repair costs.

The bumpy roads and poor means of transport make a well-functioning wheelchair indispensable. Thank you for this donation – also on behalf of Gregory. Photo: humedica/private

Yet the situation is different in earthquake and disease-stricken Haiti. After the events of the past years, there are thousands of disabled people who have to make do with the handicapped aids available.

It is great, therefore, when the life of a disabled person can be made easier by means of a specific donation. In cooperation with the organisation nph Deutschland e. V. – Unsere kleinen Brüder und Schwestern, humedica succeeded in providing seriously-disabled Gregory Constant from Haiti with a special wheelchair.

Gregory is very happy about the possibility of replacing his old and insufficient wheelchair with a new and more comfortable one: “The chair that you sent me is more comfortable, more enjoyable and I am very satisfied.

Special thanks on behalf of Gregory and humedica go to the donor of this wheelchair, the medical supply shop Dambek in Kempten: “I want to thank all those who have played an important role for the chair that was sent to me.

Japan: Great progress – building nearing completion

At a speed of several hundred kilometres per hour, a devastating tsunami moved towards the coasts of Japan in March 2011 and left destruction, chaos and hundreds of thousands homeless. The waves of destruction were up to 20 metres high and flooded an area as large as Lake Constance.

When immediate emergency aid was finished, humedica decided to support the reconstruction of Kingsgarden whose buildings had been completely or partly damaged. This organisation takes care of mentally disabled adults and offers them living and sleeping spaces as well as a sheltered workshop. The ground-breaking ceremony had taken place in February of this year.

At the beginning of April, humedica coordinator Satoshi Machii, who had been a member of the emergency aid team already, travelled to the northeast of Japan once again to get an impression of the building progress:

The construction work is going very well and almost according to schedule, with a delay of only two days due to weather conditions. The official handing over of the buildings to Kingsgarden will take place around the beginning of September. The official opening will take place in the middle of October and the mayor has already announced that he will take part in this ceremony.

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