A new house for Orphelia

by Daria Napieraj,  2013/12/11

Time and again, the 26-year-old student Daria Napieraj from Duisburg has taken a break from her student’s life, in order to work as a media coordinator for humedica in different crisis regions of the world. At the moment, she is visiting the family sponsorship program on Haiti, together with humedica member of staff Maren Walter. On her blog she reports about her experiences in this country and with its inhabitants and of the work of humedica in this Caribbean island nation.

Day 2 and 3 on Haiti

After the terrible earthquake in 2010, many Haitian families have been supported by the humedicafamily sponsorship program. During the last two days, we could visit some of these families.

This support is manifold and comprises monthly food rations as well as sanitary products, medical care and school fees for the children, but also business training and a business program. The latter ought to help the families, to earn their own living, so that they will not depend on help from others any longer.

Meanwhile, many have succeeded in building up a small business. They sell different goods, like vegetables, fruits, rice, cereals, textiles, shoes or even cosmetics.

Families, who were in great need, could also profit from the construction of an own house. Others got help for the completion or the repairing of their house, for example if the roof had been damaged by the earthquake.

As an example for many others, there is Orphelia Janvier’s family of five. Their house is still being built, but it will probably be finished this year.

Orphelia is eager to move into this house. Their housing situation will not only improve a lot, it will also become safer. After the terrible earthquake, her family had to spend several difficult years under a tent.

While we are visiting them, Francia (8), their eldest daughter comes home from school. Thanks to the support by her sponsors, she can go to school and she proudly spells the names of her younger sisters, Franciana (4) and Gelany (3). Every year, the three children especially enjoy the Christmas presents, which they receive as part of the humedica Christmas parcel campaign Geschenk mit Herz.

Orphelia is, besides all the other kinds of support, especially grateful for the new house. She tells us, that she prays regularly for her family’s sponsors and hopes, that many other families may have the same chance of such a great support.

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