Ibrahim’s wish

by Steven Hofmann/LKO,  2013/07/22

Our project coordinator Steven Hofmann’s report from Ethiopia shows us, how you can find different kinds of wishes all over the world. It’s Ibrahim’s story and the story about his greatest wish – the wish to help.

"There are many discussions in Germany about people with migration background. About people who live in a foreign country, in another culture. About people which Ibrahim used to belong to. About people he is working with now.

Ibrahim is 41 years old. The father of two is now again living in the place he once was born. In Jijiga, at the extreme eastern end of Ethopia. Yet, it had been a long journey to get back here.

When he was five years old, Ibrahim and his family had to flee from war into the neighboring Somalia, where they lived in a camp for some time. Not long afterwards, his parents separated. First, Ibrahim stayed with his father, before being accepted in a boarding school, together with his brothers.

The boarding school was predominantly financed and directed by international help organizations. Thus, Ibrahim had a first contact with people who give their aid to people in need.

As a teenager, Ibrahim himself supported local humanitarian organizations as an aid in their hospital ward. During this time and in the following years, his desire to help people in need was still increasing.

As a young adult, he was once again obliged to flee because of a civil war. Even today, he still remembers finding himself at the Ethiopian border with nothing more than his clothes on. He had left all his belongings behind, his entire existence. In front of him only one big uncertainty.

For several years then he had been moving all over Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenia. Ibrahim gained much experience, came to learn to know himself and mankind much better and dealt with smaller and bigger challenges.

In the course of time, he has met many different persons, like Bernd Frost, a member of the humedica advisory board. Bernd Frost realized Ibrahim’s potential and engaged him for his first assignment on behalf of humedica. Provided with the necessary means, he distributed blankets and food in his home country, Eastern Ethiopia.

After this project the contact with humedica persisted. Again and again, Ibrahim has worked as a voluntary aid. He had also helped to prepare the work in the refugee camp Melkadida, which is still going on.

However, it had always been his biggest wish to work with and assist the numerous Somali in Eastern Ethiopia. His wish became reality, when humedica initiated the sponsorship program in Jijiga. Ibrahim became the project leader. If you talk to him about “his” project, you can really feel that he is involved with all his heart.

“It has always been my concern, to help my people.” That is how Ibrahim explains his motivation to work amongst the Ethiopians of Somalia origin. “Many of those are refugees or used to live as nomads for several generations. I know exactly, how they feel. I know how it feels to find oneself without anything, even without a home country.”

To see people’s lives changing, physically as well as psychically, that is what is pushing Ibrahim forward. “There is no better thing, than helping people. To see, how people regain strength. To experience their confidence and to feel their joy, that’s something really special.”

He himself had benefitted from different help organization’s assistance. And that is exactly what he wants to give back to others now. Each time he visits families, who are sponsored by the humedica sponsorship program, he becomes aware of how well he is doing now.

When you ask Ibrahim what is his wish for those people in Eastern Africa who have so often been tormented by life, he will answer: “To see, that those families can change their lives and that their children get a good education. That each individual can live in independence, in peace and in liberty. That is, what I hope this project will be able to achieve.”

It was only possible to realize Ibrahim’s wish because you, dear friends and sponsors, support his work through sponsorships. Please continue to support humedica and take on responsibility for a family or a family member. Of course, you can also help our sponsorship program with a precise, one-time contribution. Many thanks!

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