Progress and new developments at the children’s day care centre

by Steven Hofmann/RBU,  2013/05/24

The positive development is obvious: New developments, tangible joy and motivation characterise almost all areas of our family sponsorship programme in Kazanchis, a quarter of the Ethiopian capital Addis Abeba.

By now, the humedica sponsorship programme has been running at this location for over a year. What started as a comparatively little project has grown into a project of significant size. The main reason for this development is the humedica children’s day-care centre opened at the end of last year. Planned with a lot of love and commitment, the facility has been the heart of the humedica efforts in Kazanchis since then.

In the course of a short time, a lot has happened at the new facility, which is run with the generous support of BILD hilft – „Ein Herz für Kinder e. V.“. Especially during the past weeks, many of the planned tasks have been tackled.

One challenge has been to harmonise the family sponsorship programme with the day-care centre for children. Moreover, some new families were accepted in the project in order to fill up the remaining places at the day-care centre. Altogether, we currently take care of about 70 families.

The day-care centre is buzzing with its daily activities. Every morning, we are happy to welcome 40 children. There are lots of new things the children can learn and experience the whole day long. Above all, we offer them basic pre-school training through a playful approach. Between the lessons, the children are given enough time for free play, jumping about on the on-site playground or taking a short nap after lunch.

The children’s development is positive throughout. Some of the older children are even able to carry on easy conversations in English.

Apart from the daily activities they organise, the local humedica staff members seek to offer special highlights to the children every now and then. Recently, flowers were planted on the playground, an activity which was mainly carried out by the children’s mothers. From now on, young and old can enjoy the sight and scent of the newly-planted hibiscus.

While the day-care children certainly need the most attention, we also look after the older children and youths and accept responsibility for them as well. Above all, we have extended our offer of extra tuition. Tuition lessons are offered five days a week for a continuous improvement of the students’ academic performance.

Apart from that, a little library has been established where they can borrow schoolbooks and textbooks as well as novels or narratives to enjoy during their free time. Thus, we hope to spark the children’s interest in reading and to promote and facilitate autonomous learning by means of the textbooks offered.

Now, we are curious and full of anticipation about what will be going on in our project in the coming months. The well-being and development of the families and their children will continue to be the focus of our activities. We want to be there for them with open eyes and hearts in order to meet their needs and make an autonomous future possible for them.

This work is only possible if you share our goals and take responsibility for a family or a family member through the family sponsorship programme. Apart from that, you are welcome to support our sponsorship programme by means of a specific one-time donation. Thank you so much!

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