The story behind the picture: Yellow boxes for the future

by Maren Walter,  2013/09/05

Our life is full of special moments, which stay in mind, which leave traces in our everyday lives. These may be present moments or those moments, which concentrate many memories to tell a story, which is far bigger than the single moment.

The new issue of the “Story behind the picture” is telling the story of yellow boxes, which do really represent the future in Ethiopia.

A photo which shows a scene from the humedicafamily sponsorship program in Ethiopia. Nine women and one man who have just received a small yellow box. A small yellow box – the symbol for a better future.

The “story behind the picture” seems simple. Yet, for many families, it represents the possibility of really improving their lives and of taking matters into their own hands. Each of these persons will start a small business and thus contribute to the family’s living.

They will benefit from free training, establish business plans and are given advice concerning the implementation and feasibility of their ideas. Continuous assistance by humedica staff on-site helps them to solve all kinds of problems and to increase their sales.

At the same time, they are motivated by the success of other families, who have already founded a small business with the support of humedica. In August this year, eleven families could celebrate their success with a small party. Their start into a new life succeeded. For one year now, they have been selling spices, coffee, tea, vegetables, second-hand clothes and many other things.

With this income, they could buy urgently needed things like beds, wardrobes or clothes for their families. Moreover, they had reached their goal: they had succeeded in making enough savings out of their income to equal the value estimated for their businesses in the beginning. The payout of the savings enables them to pay for further investments in their businesses or for necessary things for the family.

Our women on the photo are just at the beginning. Fully motivated, holding a yellow savings box which they want to fill with a small part of their daily income. Thus, next year, they will also be celebrating the success of their small businesses with all the others.

The small yellow boxes are the symbol for a better future to these people. Photo: humedica

Dear friends and sponsors. For us, a small yellow savings box may be insignificant. For the families in Ethiopia, however, it sometimes represents the world. Please support us with a family sponsorship in Ethiopia and offer a better future to these people. A concrete donation will also find its way into our sponsorship project. Thank you very much!

      humedica e. V.
      Reference “Family Sponsorship Program”
      Account 47 47
      Bank Code 734 500 00
      Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

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