Children of the humedica daycare start primary school

by Steven Hofmann/LKO,  2013/12/20

A new satchel, pencils and exercise books, a gym bag, as well as the many books – their children’s school enrolment is often quite expensive for the parents. Whereas, in Germany, there is some public support to enable families with a low income to pay for this new period of life, for many parents in Ethiopia this becomes a nearly unsolvable challenge.

The nurse Sanna Ahmend assisted the humedica day care center for ten weeks as a volunteer. Photo: humedica/Sanna Ahmed

In order to solve this problem, preparing children of very poor families adequately for their school start, humedica runs a children’s day care center in the capital’s district Kazanchis. The project coordinator Steven Hoffmann has lived and worked in Ethiopia for more than a year now and has been able to accompany the children on their way from kindergarten to school children.

“For some weeks now, there have been droves of children walking to school in Addis Abeba, the capital city of Ethiopia. You can recognize them quickly by their striking uniforms and loud chats. For the first time, there are also former children of our child care center in Kazanchis amongst them, who could be enrolled this year.

However, much has happened until that day: The eldest children of the first class of our nursery have successfully prepared for school without any problems. During the past months, they have not only learned a lot in the offered courses and support programs, they have also enhanced their self-confidence.

Only few of them still act as shyly as they used to at the beginning of last year. On the contrary, if you observe the children for a while, you will notice that they are much more at their ease now. Without further ado, they apply the things they have learned, for example their English knowledge.

The small group has grown together over the year and close friendships have developed. On a reunion of the “graduating class” you can see them flinging their arms around each other and talking immediately about the new school and the other class mates.

Meanwhile, the next year in our day care center has started and more children are going to be prepared for their oncoming school life. The number of kindergarten children has grown to 45. In three groups, they learn their first English words, the alphabet and calculating. And during the numerous breaks on the playground, they enjoy the community with the others, too.

From time to time, voluntary helpers from Germany take their chance and support our facility with their talents for some time. At the moment, our staff is assisted by 29 year-old Sanna Ahmed.

The humedica day-care-center receives generous support by the charitable organization Bild hilft e.V. Photo: humedica

The qualified nurse from Hamburg helps with all daily tasks and teaches English to the children as well as the staff. If needed, she also offers trainings for families about how to handle and how to prevent HIV or about suitable family planning.

Preparing the children successfully and, at the same time being always by their side offering them comfort and security, that’s what is dear to all staff member. The children’s great social and school progress are an unmistakable positive result of these efforts. The years they have stayed in our day care center have done them visibly good.

Especially because, in a poor country like Ethiopia it isn’t usual at all to go to a kindergarten or to school. Many parents cannot afford to pay for the fees and for the necessary materials.

The children in our humedica daycare center in Kazanchis, as well, would have had to do without this important time of personal development, if our work had not been made possible by your generous support and the support of Bild hilft e.V. in Germany. Thank you very much!

Dear friends and sponsors. In a country like Ethiopia, where there is hardly any equality of educational opportunity, the sponsorship of kindergarten or primary school children is fundamental for their development. By taking on a family sponsorship you will not only sponsor the child’s education, but you will also improve the circumstances under which the whole family lives. Thank you very much!

      humedica e. V.
      Reference “Family Sponsorships”
      Account 47 47
      Bank Code 734 500 00
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