Children’s day-care centre in Mercato has moved to a new location

by Steven Hofmann, Ruth Bücker,  2013/04/22

A normal street scene in the quarter of Mercato in Addis Abeba, the capital of Ethiopia, is characterised by clay and tin houses and narrow streets. In this densely populated area, people live closely together in small spaces. Sometimes, one family has only one or two small rooms to live in. A lot of housework activities, such as cooking or doing the laundry are done outside, social life takes place in the streets.

In the midst of this poor quarter of the city, humedica runs a day-care centre for children. There, the children of the family-sponsorship programme are given a safe place to play other than the streets. Half day care is offered for the small children as well as homework assistance for the school children. Apart from that, the facility is used by adults as a meeting place and the monthly aid parcels are distributed here as well.

Even though the former location of the day-care centre was not very spacious, its central location was very convenient and within walking distance for all families.

What is good should not be changed. On the other hand, improvement should be made where this is possible. Therefore, the humedica staff in Addis Abeba had been looking for a new location for quite some time. A location that should be easy to reach for all families but, at the same time, offer more space where to meet, learn and play.

To find such a location was quite a challenging task in densely-populated Mercato. Finally, there was good news in March: a new location had been found that was not far away from the former facility. The building had formerly been used as a primary school and contained many rooms and a lot of space. Now there was nothing to stop us from moving.

When the families viewed the new premises, their joy was great. Curiously, they looked about all the rooms and took a close look at everything. In the end, they all agreed: “This place is much nicer than the former one. We are very happy about the new location and look forward to coming here with our children. Here, they will have lots of new opportunities.

Indeed, the boys and girls immediately benefitted from the new grounds that offer much more space for sports and games. The yard was used at once for football, volleyball and skipping rope and aroused much enthusiasm.

Whether young or old, beneficiaries or humedica staffers: all are very happy about the change and the new opportunities opened by it. When you watch the children at their daily lunch, you could get the impression that they even enjoy their meals more in the new building.

Even though the move has been successfully completed and the change gone smoothly, there are still many tasks on the agenda for the coming months. Apart from the courses and activities offered so far, more work groups are to be founded which are to work on important topics regarding children and youths. Furthermore, extra tuition is to be extended so that more children can benefit from this offer.

Another plan is to make the building and the surrounding grounds more attractive. Last but not least, all those involved consider it important to furnish the rooms in a bright and colourful way to make them suitable for children and create an appropriate and comfortable learning environment.

Please help us with your donation, to purchase furnishings for the new daycare. From kitchen furniture to chairs, there are still many things that we need to equip the daycare centre. Thanks for your support!

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