humedica continues to hand out solar lamps to refugees in Melkadida

by Antje Weber,  2013/04/25

People in Melkadida face a lack of many everyday items. They have gone through experiences like civil war, drought and fleeing over the Somali border to Ethiopia. Yet there is one thing they have in abundance: sunshine.

On the one hand, this abundance of sunshine is the cause of the barren landscape surrounding them. On the other hand, it is also a benefit. “These are perfect conditions for solar energy, which is why we have already organised several distributions of solar lamps”, Kornelia Uhlig, the coordinator on site, explains the situation. About 400 more families can now light their homes despite the lack of electricity.

Sunshine is among the few things that the refugees in Ethiopia have in abundance. This chance must be seized! Photo: humedica

The principle is simple. A little solar cell is connected to a lamp. After a short charge time under the blazing sun of Melkadida, this weather-proof lamp is sufficient to light a little house. Mobile phones or radios can be charged in the same way as well.

This simplicity is convincing – solar cells can already be seen on many roofs of Melkadida. It is therefore not surprising that people came in droves to the next distribution.

The temperatures in Melkadida regularly reach up to 45 degrees Celsius. The nights are not much cooler. If there is rain at all, it arrives only in spring and autumn during the short and long rain season. Yet this is not guaranteed either. The Horn of Africa region has been hit by droughts several times in the past. Entire harvests were destroyed or failed. It is no wonder that the humedica team is looking for alternative solutions and using solar energy.

We have asked two Somali women to explain once again how the lamps work. Thus, we make sure that the lamps are really used”, Kornelia Uhlig reports. The positive feedback they received provoked further consideration. Solar-powered street lamps are one of the ideas under discussion. These would allow the 40.000 inhabitants of Melkadida the safe crossing of streets after dawn.

We owe it the support of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany that these distributions have been possible as well as to your donations, dear friends and supporters. With your donations you are making a contribution to improving the lives of refugees in the south of Ethiopia. Please continue to support our work in the Horn of Africa. Thank you so much.

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