Gifts that sow seed of hope

by Steven Hofmann/RBU,  2013/01/08

The last piece of roast has long since been eaten. The presents have been distributed. Christmas has passed too quickly, as always. Yet although it may have passed too quickly, it has left impressions and brought special joy to many people in the whole world. And, along with our “gifts from the heart” it has brought hope. humedica coordinator Steven Hoffmann spent Christmas in East Africa where he had the opportunity to serve as a “Christmas messenger”.

“In Germany, Christmas is associated most of all with love (it is called the “feast of love”; translator’s note), a sense of community and presents. In Germany and other developed countries, people regularly rack their brains about what present to give to their loved ones, where and how to celebrate and whom to invite.

Yet in spite of this so-called “Christmas stress”, in this period many people also think of those families to whom questions like these are of no or little significance. In consequence, many presents and financial donations reached humedica in 2012 as well.

At this point, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all donors. Your money enabled us, this year again, to make tens of thousands of children in 19 countries happy.

One of these countries is Ethiopia. Because of logistic challenges and high transportation costs, the presents were bought and wrapped directly in Ethiopia. Altogether, 910 parcels were filled with sweets, clothes and toys.

Ethiopians actually celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January. This year, however, the children happily received their colourfully-wrapped presents about two weeks earlier.

A beautiful and merry Christmas celebration was organised In all our family sponsorship programmes on the occasion of the birthday of our saviour and redeemer, Jesus Christ. Even Santa Claus stopped by. While the older children performed a little nativity play and read out poems, the younger ones already examined the pile of presents from a certain distance.
We could see their curiosity and anticipation in the moment they came in.

A special Christmas celebration was held in Addis Abbeba, in the district Kazanchis. Some weeks ago, we reported on our new day-care centre for children. On this occasion, the centre was officially dedicated.

In the presence of many guests from the local authorities, humedica’s partner organisations and other places of our family sponsorship programme, the red ribbon in front of the entrance was cut through. The children also contributed to the programme. Full of enthusiasm, they sang and danced for the guests.

Afterwards, the guests were able to take a look around the new facility. They all agreed that this was a beautiful place for children to learn and play. A place that came into being thanks to BILD hilft e. V. – „Ein Herz für Kinder“ (an association helping children in Germany and around the world; translator’s note).

Also the little market that had been arranged especially for this day was well-frequented and some of the participants were happy about an additional turnover. The new playground as well, was immediately filled with numerous children.

At the end of all our festivities, happy faces could be seen everywhere. Especially the children, most of them already wearing their new T-shirts, went home beaming with joy."

All of this has only been possible thanks to you, dear friends. If you would like to support a family beyond Christmas, you can follow these links to find more information about our family sponsorship programme, fill in the online application or make a one-time donation for our sponsorship programme.

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