Bus destination: fun

by Steven Hofmann/RBU,  2013/01/30

Addis Abeba is a very big city with many attractions for young and old. One of the highlights for the little ones is an amusement park, where we recently went with the children of our day-care centre in the quarter of Kazanchis. On the morning of the trip, all 17 children and several child care workers gathered in front of our recently founded facility in Kazanchis.

On time, we took the bus to our destination: fun. On the short way there, the children already wriggled about excitedly on their seats.

When we had finally reached our destination, the children hurried into the park together and marveled at the many different rides and play areas. There was a Ferris wheel, a swing carousel, a slide, a boat swing and even a track for bumper cars.

After a short instruction, the children split up in groups and went to the single attractions. On the large steel constructions, the children seemed even smaller. For all of them, these were their first rides on a carousel etc. Still timid at the beginning, almost a bit frightened, they sat in the safe seats. The boys and girls were amazed when everything started to move all on its own.

Yet after a short time, the children got familiar with the new surroundings and lost their shyness. They beamed with joy when riding on a Disney figure or a horse and soon they started to sing all together. They had so much respect for the Ferris wheel that they chose the slide instead.

All children were allowed to ride every ride at least once. No matter if on the swing, the slide or the carousel – they all enjoyed themselves a lot. When they were called for lunch it was almost impossible to get the children away from the rides.

The last attraction were the bumper cars. Accompanied by an adult, the children carefully drove around the track cheering with joy. This was not only the end but also the highlight of the day.

Exhausted, but smiling widely, the children returned to the humedica day-care centre where their mothers were already waiting for them.

The day-care centre in Kazanchis is the latest project of our family sponsorship programme. While the children are cared for and offered meals and additional tuition, their mothers have time to work in gainful employment.

Please support our precious work in Addis Abeba by making a donation for the Ethiopian day-care centre or by adopting a family. Thank you so much!

      humedica e. V.
      Reference “Children’s day-care centre Ethiopia
      Account 47 47
      Bank Code 734 500 00
      Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

      SWIFT-Code: BYLA DE M1 KFB
      IBAN: DE35734500000000004747

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