Water - Elixir of Life

by Steven Hofmann/RBU,  2013/05/10

A lot of digging is going on in Ethiopia. But no, humedica has not gone treasure hunting. The purpose of all the digging is to make drinking water available for the inhabitants of the Eastern Ethiopian town of Jijiga. When you come to think of it, though, this is actually a kind of treasure hunt for the people of Jijiga as well.

A few weeks ago, a delegation of the humedica country office in Addis Abeba travelled to Jijiga. There, it was finally possible, after almost one year of preparations, to sign a contract with a local building company that will create access to water for the people of this region.

Right after the conclusion of the contract, the building work started. The plan is to construct a so-called berkad, as well as two water tanks with tapping points.

A berkad is a pit in the ground that serves as a water tank. Rain water is filtered and stored in the berkad. Thus, about 600 cubic metres of water – i.e. 600.000 litres – can be stored during the rain season and used during the dry season of the year. The other water tanks are fed from the existing, yet fragmentary water pipelines.

The three constructions will be built in different quarters of the town to enable as many inhabitants as possible to benefit from them. The berkad will be constructed a bit outside of the town and will mainly benefit the rural population and their cattle.

Jijiga is situated in the farthest east of Ethiopia, only a few kilometres from the Somali border. For large parts of the year, the climate is very hot and dry. Only in the rain season the landscape is covered with fresh green vegetation.

So far, the inhabitants of the rural areas around the town have always had to walk long distances to scoop water. By offering them access to water in their close surroundings, these long and sometimes dangerous walks can and should be avoided.

On the whole, these efforts will allow thousands of people to supply themselves with the precious elixir of life in the long term without too much physical strain.

Since the rain season is approaching, all efforts are currently focused on completing the berkad, which is to fill with fresh rain water as soon as possible and benefit the people living nearby. The dredging of the pit has already been completed and workers have started building the interior walls. The building efforts on all three projects are to be concluded in July.

These efforts take place within the framework of the family sponsorship programme and are supported by BILD hilft e.V. - "Ein Herz für Kinder". Apart from that, you can get involved as well. Applying for a sponsorship will give you the opportunity to support a whole family or individual members of a family. Of course you are also very welcome to make a one-time donation for the family sponsorship programme in Ethiopia. Thank you so much for your help!

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