World Refugee Day in Melkadida

by Linda Zimmermann,  2013/07/03

Some days ago, we reported on the dimension of the global refugee situation, on the occasion of International World Refugee Day. Assistant coordinator Linda Zimmermann tells us how this day was celebrated by people personally affected, namely the refugees living in the Ethiopian camp of Melkadida.

‘One Family Torn Apart by War is Too Many’ was the motto of this year’s World Refugee Day on June 20, 2013. Refugee Day was celebrated worldwide as a day on which the people personally affected express their gratitude for the fact that they can live in a safe place, in spite of their hard fate and harsh living conditions.

Refugees also celebrated in Melkadida, an Ethiopian refugee camp on the border to Somalia, where humedica has provided basic medical aid for almost two years. At 8:30 am, the beginning of the event, several hundred people took part in a demonstration.

Accompanied by chants, songs and colourful banners, the refugees marched through the main roads of the camp, together with the members of different international relief organisations.

What followed were speeches, performances and songs delivered by several school classes. Berlula, a band founded in the camp, accompanied the event with their music. Traditional dances rounded off the programme. Additionally, the best students and sport teams were awarded with certificates and prizes ranging from milk powder to chicken and goats.

The humedica team made a contribution in the form of a song sung in Kisuaheli. Many people enthusiastically joined in the song. The hall was full to overflowing and it was not always easy for the security guards to stop the lively crowd from dancing wildly.

After the official part of the event, the humedica team arranged a games afternoon at the health post. Dozens of children had fun playing games like pot hitting, bubble blowing and peanut racing and happily enjoyed sweets and biscuits.”

The people living in the refugee camp of Melkadida are still reliant on help from outside. Please continue to support our work in Ethiopia with a specific donation. Heartfelt thanks!

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