humedica is realizing help for those who escaped the collapse of the textile factory

by Lina Koch,  2013/08/15

The debris has long been removed, everyday life has gone back to normal. Yet, thousands of families are still suffering from the consequences of April 24, 2013. That was the day when the enormous block of buildings, Rana Plaza in Dhaka collapsed. In collaboration with the partner organization Koinonia, humedica is giving aid to people affected by this catastrophe.

The victims have been buried, but the survivors are still facing ruin. Sabina Bepary is 18 years old, the second eldest of 5 children. Her father had been obliged to abandon his second-hand store because of illness, so five years ago, she came to Dhaka with her family and was responsible alone for the income of the whole family, working as a seamstress. Sabina was working, when the building collapsed.

She had literally been enclosed by the roof; within a very short time, all escape ways to the outside were barred. Three days and three nights passed, until the rescue teams detected her. 72 hours without eating or drinking – surrounded by the dead bodies of her friends and colleagues.

Her joy about still being alive is dulled by her family’s hopeless future prospects and by serious traumas. "I can’t forget the time, I spent under the broken roof. I suffer from nightmares and panic attacks”, she tells us today.

Many of the survivors fare just as badly as Sabina does. The moment when the building collapsed, at least 3,500 men and women were in the building. 1,129 of them died in the ruins.

2,438 people could be rescued. However, they have not only lost their job - and herewith often the family’s only income – but they have also until this day, suffered from serious physical and mental traumas.

The women are afraid of working again in a dilapidated factory. Hundreds of casualties were amputated either of arms or legs; that is why they will probably never again be able to earn their living.

The consequence: The families can no longer pay for the rent of their houses or flats and are left homeless. It is especially difficult for widows; not having benefitted from any education, their prospects for a job are very bad. Without any aid from outside, they have no future.

Like Yasmin Begum. She and her husband Mojammel Haque had left her home, in order to build up a better life in Dhaka. Mojammel had worked hard to get a permanent job in one of the textile companies in the Rana Plaza. He thus supported his small family.

When the building collapsed, he got caught under a column. Even though he was rescued the very first day, he died in hospital as a consequence of his injuries.

Yasmin and her one-year-old daughter Tanha are alone now. Yasmin will not find any job, because of her poor education. She hasn’t got parents or relatives who could help her.

It is the fate of people like Yasmin, Tanha and Sabina which induced humedica to act. In cooperation with our local partner Koinonia Bangladesh, we are going to support 35 families, who have been hit hardest by the collapse of the textile factory, during the next 6 months.

In order to be able to build up an own existence, the women will benefit from sewing courses. Trauma patients get the possibility of therapeutic treatment and seriously injured people can profit from rehabilitation measures. What’s more, all these families are supported financially during the whole period.

This humedica project could only be realized thanks to people like Günther Veit. The catastrophe in Dhaka has bothered this businessman from Landsberg so much, that he decided to sponsor the emergency measures generously:

“For the last four years, Bangladesh has been the best market in Asia for our company. We profited from it, now we want to give something back. I think, everybody should consider how much money we saved, because we could buy cheaply produced clothes. In fact, we only pay the money actually due to the people in Bangladesh.”

Dear friends and sponsors, with a concrete donation you can also help the families in Dhaka. Please, help people like Sabina and Yasmin, who are innocent victims of the catastrophe, to find new prospects. Thank you very much!

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