After severe earthquake in China: humedica is planning relief efforts

by Ruth Bücker,  2013/04/22

On April 20th, the south-west of China was hit by a devastating earthquake. Since then, more than 2.000 aftershocks have repeatedly scared the population of Lushan, a community situated close to the epicentre and have complicated the relief efforts.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Bernd Domres (Tübingen), a physician experienced in disaster medicine, is currently determining how humedica, as an internationally acting aid organisation, can best support the people affected by the quake.

In May 2008, the province of Sichuan had already been struck by a severe earthquake with a magnitude of 7.9, which had left tens of thousands dead. More than five million buildings collapsed and more than 21 million other houses were damaged. Together with our partner organisation Operation Blessing China humedica provided immediate aid to the victims.

In his capacity as the medical director of the Björn Steiger Foundation, Prof. Dr. Dr. Bernd Domres had been on a visit to China when the earthquake happened. He is currently visiting the affected area in order to examine the needs of the population and the opportunities for humedica to support the victims.

After prior consultation with authorities in Peking, Prof. Domres and his Chinese assistant travelled to the earthquake zone, parts of which are still cut off from the outside world.

Like in the aid mission five years ago, humedica is planning relief efforts such as the distribution of relief goods and reconstruction aid. According to Chinese national television, more than 1.5 million people were affected by the quake on Saturday, which had its epicentre close to Ya’an, a city with millions of inhabitants. According to official reports, several thousands of people were injured in the quake.

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Note for media representatives: Prof. Dr. Dr. Bernd Domres has already been on aid missions with humedica six times, among these a mission to Haiti in 2010. He is very experienced in disaster medicine and will be available for interviews from China. If interested please contact humedica staffer Ruth Bücker.

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