Visiting the children’s village Brazil: "A journey that has changed my life”

by Rebecca Groß/SRI,  2012/04/20

“I visited Brazil for the first time in 2010. Back then I accompanied my father on a journey was to change my life.” Two years after her first visit, Rebecca Groß returned to Nova Friburgo and once more gained touching impressions.

This was already the second time Rebecca Groß visited the project in Brazil. Photo: humedica

I would never have believed that I could feel so fantastic in a foreign country. Although back then I had stayed only for a short time, I had absolutely fallen in love with the project and the people there. The warmth and friendliness people welcomed me with me can hardly be expressed in words.

Now, after two more years, during which I did my GCSE exams and have become a little older, it once more was time: during the Easter holidays I travelled to Nova Friburgo for the second time and visited the people at the humedica children’s day care centre. In order to realise this wish, I had once more worked hard and saved my wages for a longer period of time, so that I could afford the air ticket.

Of course I would sometimes rather have spent the money for something else; but I must admit that these two weeks in Brazil were so much better than anything else I could imagine.

Also this time I accompanied my father and the Brazilian nun Beatriz Semiano of the Dillinger Franziskanerinnen, both of whom are members of the Board of Directors of humedica Brazil and went to Campo do Coelho, which is close to Nova Friburgo on a monitoring visit and in order to attend the association’s annual general assembly.

Up to 250 children are taken care of every day at the humedica children’s village. Photo: humedica

We started our journey on March 31 from Munich. From there we took a plane to Madrid and then on to Rio de Janeiro. Although I must admit that I am really excited about travelling by plane, I also have to say that it is absolutely impossible for me to sleep on these machines, as the passengers’ seats in particular on IBERIA planes are very narrow.

After having arrived at our destination, we still had to travel for two hours by car in order to reach Nova Friburgo. I was unbelievably glad and grateful, when I was finally lying in a bed and could close my eyes.

The next day we drove to the project, which is located at the road between Nova Friburgo and Teresópolis, close to the town of Campo do Coelho, which means “Field of Hares”. During our stay in Brazil I lived with Magali Turler and her family. Magali is the project manager. Her daughter Gabriela is one of the three best friends I have made in Brazil. Next year, after her graduation, she would like to take over responsibility for the family sponsorships.

This year I got to know the project and the children even better. I could play, dance and eat with them, and could be a part of their every-day life. I am very grateful for that.

Of course the living circumstances of the children in our project are a far cry from the beautiful images you find on postcards from Brazil. Most of them come from broken families and live in small huts with up to six other persons, and they need to travel a long way to the project and to school. And then there is the constant fear of new landslides; after last year’s disaster this fear can be perceived during every rainstorm and as soon as it starts to rain.

Rebecca and her best friend from Brazil, Gabriela. Photo: humedica

Even during my first visit to the humedica project I had made plans to do a voluntary year of social service in Brazil after I would have passed my vocational baccalaureate diploma. The good experiences I gained during my latest visit have strengthened this decision and now I am longing for the big day next year, when I will start my year of honorary work for humedica in Brazil.

Maybe you, dear friends and sponsors, are thinking: “And why should that be of concern to me?”

I will be pleased to answer this question. You are the ones who can enable the children to lead a better life. Only thanks to your donations can a place like Nova Friburgo exist - a place where children are given joy, affection, support and love which they need for a healthy development.

Therefore I would like to ask you on behalf of all the children of the “Field of Hares” to make a targeted donation to humedica in order to support this project which is so particularly close to my heart. And I can ensure you from first-hand experience that every single euro you donate to this project will be a good investment! Thank you very much!

Thank you also for your time and attention.

Yours faithfully,
Rebecca Groß

You can also support us by means of making an online donation, or by sending us a text message: send the reference DOC to +49 8 11 90 and you will be charged 5 euros, with 4.83 euros of this amount being directly channelled into the humedica project work.

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