A personal relief supplies story

by Ruth Bücker,  2012/03/28

Caring for people in misery, supplying them with essential goods and providing for them: thanks to the humedica field of relief supplies, every year hundreds of tons of relief goods are sent to the project countries, where people lack these goods. Sometimes, shipments contain special drugs or medical equipment. Or we supply furniture for hospitals or children’s homes.

Lyudmila Loniuk has been working as head of the Children’s Mission Ukraine for 18 years now, with the objective of helping people in misery. Nevertheless, she is still personally moved by stories like the one of little Ostap. Photo: humedica/Children’s Mission Ukraine

And sometimes we simply send a toy that had been donated in Germany and was sent to the partner country with an entire container load of relief goods, but which gives its receivers the feeling that they are remembered and the knowledge that there is someone who cares for them. Lyudmila, head of the long-standing humedica partner Children’s Mission Ukraine, had this particular experience and would like to share it with you.

“Yesterday morning I received a call by an employee of the city administration of Lutsk, who is responsible for families and young persons. She told me about a 20-year old girl who had delivered a baby the day before, but now wanted to leave it at the hospital.

The girl was a student, she had no husband and was terribly afraid of telling her parents of the newborn child. Since the new grandparents lived in the country, the young woman had been able to conceal her pregnancy from them. This story touched me deeply and also made me very sad.

The employee of the local authority asked me to help and to talk to the young mother Halyna. She thought that maybe we would be able to make a difference and to show Halyna that we would support her and that she was not alone with her newborn son Ostap. Her words affected me deeply.

Children are given by God, and therefore we put together a bundle of clothes and other things for Ostap and drove to the hospital. In my thoughts, I was already living through the conversation with Halyna, who should not be condemned as a bad mother. She is only young, alone and uncertain about how she is to meet the challenges of her future.

The proud grandfather welcomed his grandson and Halyna with open arms. All the worries about the future were forgotten. Photo: humedica

With the latest relief shipment of humedica we had also received 99 kilos of toys. We had already distributed all the toys to little patients of a children’s hospital. Everything except one object.

I don’t really know why we kept this infant mobile. But at the time I simply had the feeling that we would still be offered another, better opportunity. When I was told of little Ostap, I knew that the time had come and that this mobile must have been meant for him.

We had a long conversation with Halyna, gave her and Ostap our presents, spent time with them and it seems that we could make her understand what we had intended: nobody on our earth is alone! Halyna said she loved her child, but she was afraid to surprise her parents with the news of their grandson and she had serious concerns about how she was to care for her son and deal with the situation at all.

But when she finally said that she had gained new strength and that she did not feel completely alone anymore, it was an indescribable feeling for me. “God has sent me so many persons who want to help and give me new hope. I’m so grateful for this and now I’m convinced that somehow all will be well”, said Halyna.

Together, we told the news to Halyna’s parents and Ostap’s grandparents. Halyna’s mother even travelled the long way of 120 kilometres to Lutsk in order to take Halyna back home with her to their home village. And there, eventually also a beaming grandfather and a proud aunt could welcome the new addition to their family.”

Usually, there are only few personally touching moments for the humedica employees in the field of relief supplies at the headquarters or for the donors of the donations in kind: a large amount of drugs, wound dressing materials, necessities or food are sent to the humedica partners, where direct, personal contact normally ends.

However, the story of Ostap and Halyna shows that behind every object donated and sent there is the story of a child, a woman or a man or even an entire family whose lives change.

You too can contribute to make stories like the one of Ostap happen – and give them a happy end – by means of making a targeted donation to our relief supplies field. Thank you very much.

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It all started with an infant mobile and ended with Ostap’s mother feeling strong enough to raise her son and to confide in her parents. Photo: humedica

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