“Someone who does not travel will not learn to appreciate the value of human beings.”

by Andreas Jahn, Ruth Bücker, 2012/10/19

A proverb from Mauretania says that someone who does not travel will not learn to appreciate the value of human beings. Wise words that could also have come from the mouth of humedica founder and managing director Wolfgang Groß. For he has travelled a lot. And he appreciates the value of human beings every time anew and makes his experiences result in deeds of practical charity.

Since he founded humedica 33 years ago, Wolfgang Groß can continuously be found at those places where the need is greatest and help is most urgently needed. By visiting partner organisations and getting to know more committed persons, the man from Kaufbeuren has built a well-working, efficient network of contacts.

From left to right: Andreas Jahn (Nehemiah Gateway), Anne Hecker (teacher at the international school of Kampala and a friend of Uganda’s First Lady) and humedica managing director Wolfgang Groß. Photo: humedica.

These contacts all over the world not only explain the promptness with which humedica helps people affected by a disaster. They also draw attention to places that are not present in the media, but where help is definitely needed as well, and thus, make specific support – such as long-term food aid programs – possible. A recent visit took Wolfgang Groß to the Republic of Uganda:

“On October 9th of this year, the Republic of Uganda celebrated the 50th anniversary of its independence. 16 presidents of states and heads of governments took part in these celebrations that were opened with a state dinner on the day before the actual anniversary.

Moreover, on the occasion of theses festivities, the “14th National Prayer Breakfast” took place on October the 8th, which was attended by state president Yoweri Museveni, his wife Janet Museveni as well as more than 80 members of the Ugandan national assembly.

Guests from Germany were Frank Heinrich, a member of the German Bundestag, humedica managing director Wolfgang Groß and the head of the Berlin office of Nehemiah Gateway, Andreas Jahn. The German delegation called on local partner organisations and held talks with international members of parliament.”

During a stopover on the flight back to Germany, Wolfgang Groß paid a visit to the Ethiopian humedica office in Addis Abeba and met the senior staff members for talks about the famine relief at the Horn of Africa and the new project planned by the family sponsorship program, which is to open a second day-care centre for children.

An exhausting and strenuous journey, for sure, but also a journey that allowed to deepen the existing contacts and establish new ones so that humedica will be able to deliver specific and prompt aid also in future. A journey which once again demonstrated the value of human beings and underlined the importance of practised charity.

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