Swinging fun for the children

by Stefanie Huisgen,  2012/06/12

In May, when the works were finally finished, lots of enthusiastic children were beaming with joy: a new swing set had been set up in the garden of the Arche Kindergarten. Although they could not test the new toy extensively immediately after its instalment, they were given permission to test it and swing gently under supervision of the kindergarten staff. Preliminary testing result before the Whitsun holidays: this is fun and makes one want to swing more!

Mission fulfilled: humedica employee Clemens Matern, Mark Linke (Kompan GmbH) and Kindergarten director Heinz Dieng (from left to right) were pleased about the good cooperation. Photo: humedica/Stefanie Huisgen

The swing had been donated to the kindergarten by the Kompan GmbH, a company based in Flensburg. But nevertheless, its instalment had still taken its toll, and cost three humedica employees a lot of sweat. The employees were busy with "Project Swing Instalment" for five days and they were constantly subjected to the watchful observations of the little ones.

Some of them were eager to get their own spades and help us dig a pit. “Can we help you with the digging?”, asked the children excitedly. Unfortunately, they were still a little too young for this work and therefore the humedica employees had to scoop out the five cubic metres of earth all by themselves. However, watching from a save distance and sometimes also from their little tower, the girls and boys aged two to six years had a perfect overview of the building progress at any time.

When the structure had finally been set up, and the swings hooked in, everyone was absolutely enthusiastic! "Many excited children have watched us set up the swings over the past few days and they are happy that they will soon be able to test the swing", reports Clemens Matern of the humedica Fundraising Department regarding the last day of work shortly before the Whitsun holidays..

Also a representative of the Kompan GmbH had come for the children’s concluding thank-you-photo: Mark Linke could assure himself in person of the correct instalment of the swing structure and of the joy glinting in the children's eyes.

We are very pleased that we could help the Arche Kindergarten and its children to make their garden more attractive by means of this swing set”, tells Thorsten Bareuther of the Kompan Marketing Department. “It is really nice that sometimes we manage to release financial means for such positive purposes and to receive gratitude and joy as compensation.

Now that the Whitsun holidays are over and the Kindergarten has once more opened its gates, the swing has been inaugurated properly by the children. “Our Arche children are absolutely enthusiastic about the new swing and now they swing even stronger and higher. On the first day we had to reduce the time every child spent on the swing to about five minutes in order to ensure that everyone had the opportunity to test the new swing”, tells Heinz Dieng.

The swing is the most attractive and most important outdoors toy and it’s absolutely irreplaceable!” the certified social pedagogue reveals. “Furthermore, swinging promotes the children’s gross motor skills and helps them to regain their mental balance”. Relaxation, fun and promotion of agility: The Kompan company has done the little girls and boys good in several aspects.

The Kindergarten and the staff members headed by director Heinz Dieng would like to thank the Kompan company and the humedica employees involved for their generous donation and the professional installation.

The children and the staff members of the Arche Kindergarten say „THANK YOU". Photo: humedica/Stefanie Huisgen

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