“People must know that they will be helped”

by Ruth Bücker,  2012/11/21

At first, we almost didn’t notice that we were so close to a war zone“, Klaus Ruhrmann currently reports from the Turkish-Syrian border. “Only when the first people arrived who were affected by the war and had fled to Turkey under the hardest of circumstances, this fact became very clear to us again.

Klaus Ruhrmann (a nurse) is part of the first humedica team for medical aid on site in Syria, together with Dr. Markus Hohlweck, a physician from Bonn, and coordinator Patrick Khamadi (Kaufbeuren). Three days ago, the three had flown to the Turkish town of Gaziantep, yesterday they had made logistic and organisational preparations for the following days close to the Syrian border.

A civilian in the ruins of his home in Northern Syria. Photo: REUTERS/Umit Bektas

In the meantime, the aid workers have crossed the Turkish-Syrian border and are getting closer to their area of work and, what is even more important, to the people who need help. People who have fled from their homes under extreme circumstances and now, the circumstances not being much easier, are persevering and trying to maintain their hope that they will be able to return home soon.

If there is anything left of their home. “In Gaziantep we met a family of seven from Syria”, Klaus continues. “Their youngest child was only seven months old, the oldest eight years. The family had to flee from Aleppo when their quarter of the city was bombed. Their home was destroyed.

This had been a traumatic experience for the children and more than upsetting for the parents as well, and we could see tears not only in the children’s eyes. “The father was very concerned about how their life would continue, how he would be able to protect his family and their life. He cried in despair." A totally human reaction to these inhumane circumstances.

The members of this family are seven of about 115.000 people altogether, who had to flee from Syria into the neighbour country of Turkey, to save their lives. More than 2.5 million of children, women and men are affected by the war in Syria, according to the UN-OCHA. At least 1.2 million of Syrian citizens have become internal refugees who have fled to a different area of their home country.

The mission of the humedica team is to help these people. “Just arrived in Turkey, we bought the first supplies and medical items such as pain medication, antibiotics, wound care supplies and ointments, so that we were able to treat the first people on our exploratory trip already”, Klaus Ruhrmann explains.

The people must know that they will be helped. We are prepared to give them the help they need."

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