Special campaign in support of the work of humedica

by Steffen Richter,  2012/04/20

Lately, our international efforts have received friendly support based on amazing personal commitment. 51 employees of the banking establishment HypoVereinsbank from Kaufbeuren and all over Southern Bavarian joined forces in order to collect donations for humedica.

At the end of the campaign they had collected the substantial amount of 4380.00 euros, which was then doubled thanks to a special programme of UniCredit, the parent company of HypoVereinsbank and eventually handed over to humedica.

A few days ago, (f. l. t. r.) Aiko-Luise Reinhard-Gempt (Director of the Kaufbeuren branch of HypoVereinsbank), Michael Marzari (Kaufbeuren branch, co-initiator of the donation campaign), Andreas Frey (Kaufbeuren Branch Manager, initiator of the donation campaign) handed over a donation cheque to Joachim Panhans of humedica. Photo: humedica

We highly appreciate the work of humedica and we wanted to make a contribution to the association’s valuable relief efforts”, explained Andreas Frey, Kaufbeuren Branch Manager and initiator of the donation campaign regarding the motivation for their support.

We know humedica to be a relief organisation that always is among the first to be present at various disaster locations and hot spots. We are pleased that our campaign has been supported by our company foundation, and that the campaign was not only implemented by our branch, but throughout the entire region from Traunstein to Lake Constance."

This doubling of a donation sum by UniCredit is only possible, if at least 15 employees form a group and make a donation of a minimum amount of 1000 euros. By means of this amazing programme, the foundation of the banking establishment intends to create a culture of commitment, which gives their employees the opportunity to exchange opinions regarding social topics and to develop awareness for social emergency situations.

“Our work for people in misery depends on that and is only feasible, if we find convinced donors here, who show commitment and support us", said Wolfgang Groß, CEO of humedica. "Therefore, we are deeply grateful to Mr. Frey and his colleagues for their fantastic commitment."

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