Two ways of easy and fast support

by Ruth Bücker,  2012/02/23

Help can be offered in such easy, fast and uncomplicated ways. In many cases it can very simply be included in the every-day internet routine of each user. Besides making donations in the traditional way, there are two more possible ways of supporting us, which we would like to present to you at this point.

The Helferlein app

Applications for your smartphone can on the one hand be aimed for entertainment, like for example electronic music shops or games offers. On the other hand, they can facilitate the flow of information and be used to extract particular news onto your phone. However, what these so-called apps cannot do, in contrast to the newly developed Helferlein app, is to help.

A Helferlein (little assistant) for the work of assistants: sending the reference DOC is a simple way of contributing to the missions of humedica medical relief assistants. Photo: humedica/Sven Ramones

With our new app we intend to achieve much more than simply to introduce a new app to the AppStore. We rather want to make a contribution to fighting social injustice in the world.”, writes Peter Pult, one of the developers and co-founder of the group behind the charity app “Stapp in! GbR”, about the Helferlein.

As developers of apps for mobile end devices, we want to live up to our social responsibility, and with “Helferlein” we offer an app that helps the user to obtain a fast overview of various relief organisations. Via a simple link users can then send a charity text message with a corresponding key word and the right number to the chosen organisation.

And what is impressive apart from the simplicity and efficiency is the fact that the three young developers of the Helferlein app designed this way of support for free. Furthermore, of the five euros donated via the application, only 17 cents are deducted as provider fees. The remaining amount is sent to where it is of use: directly to the chosen relief organisation.

At this point, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the team of developers, consisting of the three students Peter Pult, Niels Grafen and Sven Meyer-Brunswick, for their commitment and for creating the Helferlein app.

Searching for charity purposes

Also the search engine has found a way to combine functional use with the objective of doing something good. Just as other well-established search engines, offers the possibility of conducting a quick and easy search for relevant internet pages by means of entering a certain term.

Search and find: find relevant homepages with and do good at the same time. Photo: humedica/Ruth Bücker

However, the uniqueness of this search engine consists in the fact that, prior to entering any terms, the person conducting the search can choose a relief organisation, which will be supported by the searching process. Without any additional effort, without costs or redirections to advertising sites, the internet user will donate one cent to the chosen organisation for every second conducted search. humedica is among the organisations that can be supported.

The social enterprise “benefind UG” retains only 20 percent of the advertising revenues in order to cover their primary costs. The remaining 80 percent are passed on to humedica and other relief organisations.

The famous drop in the ocean: by means of this way of support, donations will be collected cent by cent and eventually, they will be donated to the chosen relief organisation once a year. Dear friends and sponsors, please start using this search engine, as it is a fast and simple way to help those persons who depend on our support without incurring additional costs.

Thank you very much.

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