Team day for honorary assistants is approaching

by Ruth Bücker,  2012/02/08

No matter if it is under the burning sun of Africa, or in freezing temperatures in East Turkey, at a hospital or in the open, no matter how much risk or how uncertain the situation: the honorary members of the medical humedica mission teams accept all this in order to help people in misery.

For taking part in a mission, medics and coordinators use up their annual holidays, temporarily close down their practices or even leave Germany completely, in order to offer active help in a disaster region for a longer period of time.

Their motto is Charity in Action, and in the framework of the approaching team day we would like to thank them for all this. On Saturday, February 11, 2012, starting from 10 o’clock, there will be an opportunity for meeting again, getting to know each other, exchanging experiences and taking part in an entertainment programme.

Mission team members will share their impressions and report about medical challenges and their experiences in general. The responsible humedica employees from the headquarters will provide a review of the past year and the relief measures that were implemented together.

Besides the agenda and presentations in the field of disaster relief aid, this day is also intended to be an occasion for our honorary assistants to deepen the bonds they established during the missions, and to meet again other mission team members. We are looking forward to seeing you on that day.

How to find us

The team day will once more take place on the premises of the ERF media company, and we would like to thank the company for putting their rooms at our disposal. The ERF buildings are located at Berliner Ring 62, 35576 Wetzlar. You can also find detailed directions here.

The humedica team day: a day of meeting again, and an occasion for us to thank our honorary mission team members. Photo: humedica

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