Completion of 20 schools for 5,000 children

by Ruth Bücker,  2012/02/02

It has taken Pakistan 70 years, numerous upheavals and countless reforms to set up a stable school and university system after the declaration of independence in 1940. The heavy floods in summer 2010 at first caused a substantial setback to this development process and made access to education difficult in many parts of Pakistan.

Project worker Dr. Toni Großhauser with a school class that once more has access to education thanks to the humedica reconstruction measures. Photo: humedica

In the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in northwest Pakistan alone, 2,000 schools had been affected by the consequences of the flood. 300 of them had been destroyed completely. Access to education and hence to good future perspectives, had literally been swept away: the school buildings and furniture could no longer be used; teaching and learning materials had been destroyed.

Local employees of the humedica partner organisation ARO (Aid for Refugees and Orphans) feared that the percentage of child labour would surge in rural areas. As a worst-case scenario, they forecasted an increase in juvenile and child crime, and, due to a lack of alternatives and ignorance, an increasing popularity of radical groups.

When the girls and boys looked ahead after the flood of the century, at first there was no perspective at all. And by no means was there any hope for a safe future. However, together with ARO, humedica was able to change this situation at least in the four Districts of Charsadda, Nowshera, Swat and D.I. Khan.

As early as last summer, humedica CEO Wolfgang Groß, the project worker in charge, Dr. Toni Großhauser, and Ruth Bücker, an employee in the field of public relations, took part in a lovingly planned and implemented school inauguration in Charsadda.

The robust new walls had been newly plastered and painted, and the classrooms had been furnished with new tables and chairs. The walls were decorated with friendly pictures of flowers, animals or colourful cartoon characters. Furthermore, local employees of ARO had organised a renovation of the sanitary installations and a renewal of the electricity.

Talks held with the pupils in order to assess their needs had also revealed that about 90 percent of the families benefiting from the schools could no longer afford school materials after having lost all their possessions. In order to deal with this emergency, all the girls and boys were given new school bags, uniforms, exercise books and pens as equipment for their school routine.

Paving the way to future: thanks to the committed humedica partners in Pakistan and your donations from Germany, this could be achieved by means of building 20 schools. Photo: humedica/ARO

In the same way, also 19 other schools have been renovated, equipped with new furniture and provided with regulated power supply, proper sanitary installations and constant access to clean water. All this was made possible by your donations from Germany, dear friends of our work.

Schools as symbols of charity in action. All in all, this concluded reconstruction aid measure has given access to sustainable education to 5,000 children. 5,000 girls and boys, who now have the opportunity of learning within an appropriate environment. 5,000 young persons whose new path into a better future can begin at one of the 20 school buildings. Thank you very much!

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